Inwido launches smart windows

Inwido, Europe’s largest suppliers of windows, is launching one of the window industry’s greatest innovations in decades: the smart window! Through notifications via a mobile app, the newly-launched product allows you to check if your window is open or closed.

“We are very proud and pleased to be the first in the market to offer the smart window, a product that makes life easier, safer and more convenient for home owners,” says Håkan Jeppsson, President and CEO of Inwido. 

“The smart window is an important part of Inwido’s efforts to develop new products for a better life at home, one of the three pillars in our strategy for profitable growth. Being an innovative leader in our industry is essential to our being able to maintain our strong market position,” says Håkan Jeppsson. 

Operating the smart window is simple. Sensors in the handle ascertain the window’s position and determine whether the window is open or closed. The information is then transmitted to the home owner via a mobile app. The technology is fully integrated into the window, which looks like a completely normal window.  

“The smart window is the result of intensive development efforts within the Inwido Group over a number of years,” says Håkan Jeppsson. “We are now the first to bring this innovation to the market and will initially be launching the window in Sweden through our Hemmafönster brand. Inwido has already launched smart doors and Venetian blinds that will be integrated into the same app as the smart windows.” 

For more information, please contact:
Inwido AB
Håkan Jeppsson, President and CEO Tel.: 46 (0)10-451 45 51 or 46 (0)70-550 15 17
Jonna Opitz, SVP Marketing, Sales & Communication Tel.: 46 (0)10-451 45 58 or 46 (0)722 11 90 10

About Inwido
Inwido is Europe’s largest supplier of windows and a leading door supplier. The company has operations in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Estionia, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland and the UK, as well as exports to a large number of other countries. The Group markets some 20 strong local brands including Elitfönster, SnickarPer, Hajom, Hemmafönster, Outline, Tiivi, Pihla, Diplomat and Sokolka. Inwido has approximately 4,000 employees and generated sales of slightly more than SEK 5.2 billion in 2015. The Group's headquarters are located in Malmö, Sweden. For further information, please visit


About Us

Inwido is Europe’s largest manufacturer of windows and doors. The company operates in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland and the UK and also exports products to other countries. Inwido had in 2015 an annual turnover of over SEK 5.2 billion and has 3400 employees. The Inwido headquarter is located in Malmö, Sweden. Inwido reaches the customer with strong local brands, focused on both the consumer and industrial markets. That way they reach a broad market of windows and doors. In 2015, sales to the consumer market were about 70 percent of total sales, while sales to the industrial market accounted for about 30 percent. The consumer market was dominated by housing projects like renovating, re-building and extending current houses. Projects often motivated by public subsidiaries. The industrial customers are mainly bigger construction company´s and house manufacturer were the business is conducted by frameworks agreements and bigger volumes. Friday September 26, 2014 Inwido was listed as a mid-cap company at NASDAQ Stockholm.




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