Isconova’s Matrix M™ selected for further studies

​Isconova’s adjuvant Matrix M™ has been selected by the Swiss biotech-company Evolva Holding SA (“Evolva”) as one of three immune-stimulating substances for further studies (pre-IND). The properties of the product have made it appropriate for use against bio-terrorism.

Isconova’s Matrix M™, used also in vaccines, stimulates the immune system defence and increases the ability to withstand infectious diseases in humans. The aim of Evolva’s study is to develop therapeutical substances effective against unidentified microorganisms that can be used in biological warfare or bio-terrorism. 

Lena Söderström, CEO of Isconova, comments; “We’re happy to have been selected for further development. It’s a confirmation that our technology platform holds the highest standards. Matrix M™ is a very promising product with favourable properties and we look forward to the results of the study.” 

For more information, please contact:

Lena Söderström, CEO Isconova
Phone: +46 70-816 39 12, e-mail: 

About Isconova
Isconova AB is a Swedish research and development company with a patented technology that improves the effect and duration of vaccines. Isconova develops vaccines together with partners in the veterinary and human markets and has, since 2005, production and sales of vaccine systems on the veterinary market.  

About Matrix M™
Matrix M™ is Isconova’s patented adjuvant for use in vaccines for humans and some animals, antibody production and immunological research.  

About adjuvants
Adjuvants are substances that improve the effect and duration of vaccines.  

About Evolva Holding SA
Evolva is a Swiss, innovative company, working in the field of synthetic biology with a strong research platform.

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