Itiviti introduces packaged FX trading solution

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-       Itiviti FX combines rich out-of-the-box FX trading capabilities with flexible customization options.

-       Enables technology consolidation and cross-asset trading strategies.

-       Designed to fit into existing trading infrastructure.

Stockholm, Sweden, October 9, 2018 – Itiviti, the leading global provider of multi-asset trading technology and financial infrastructure, today introduced Itiviti FX, a comprehensive foreign exchange trading solution built for today’s dynamic FX market landscape and designed for compliance with the latest regulatory requirements including MiFID II.

Using a modular, app-based architecture Itiviti FX combines rich out-of-the-box FX trading capabilities with outstanding flexibility, enabling highly scalable and easily customized solutions. It offers rich cross-asset trading functionality, including algorithmic trading, distribution service, order and pre-trade risk. It also features a liquidity aggregation service which allows for mixing of different types of liquidity from multiple sources. The pricing engine supports maintaining different pools of liquidity, synthetic pricing and a rich set of parameters for sales margin and other fees.

Itiviti FX presents a consolidated FX market view to help traders manage the complexities introduced by market fragmentation. Trading logic is complemented by configurable connectivity for quickly adding new venues and liquidity sources. Itiviti FX comes with broad range of connectivity options to FX liquidity providers and platforms, including FIX, ITCH, OUCH and other binary feeds.

“When defining and developing Itiviti FX, we have recognized the client needs for a fully featured yet easily deployed FX trading solution,” says Jens Persson, Senior Product Manager, Itiviti. “It offers packaged functionality which covers a broad range of use cases, while the logic is also extendable to meet specific client requirements, by means of custom algorithms, integration and consolidation of trading technology.”

Itiviti FX combines a front end based on the Tbricks by Itiviti trading platform with Catalys by Itiviti, a flexible and versatile ecosystem for industry-standard FIX connectivity. This resilient and transparent low-latency technology base offers extreme scalability where performance is critical. It also facilitates customization and systems integration. All business logic is available through an open, documented API and Itiviti offers an extensive toolkit for developing custom algorithms. These may also involve Itiviti’s multi-asset capabilities with crossover to equity trading, brokerage, order management, systematic internalization and more.

SEB, a leading Nordic financial services group, is an early adopter of Itiviti FX. The bank has implemented the solution for its global eFX business to handle market-making in FX, automation and risk management of customer order flow. The solution includes gateway access supporting market data and order/trade capabilities to liquidity providers and venues.

“We are implementing Itiviti FX in multiple phases to consolidate trading systems and technology resources. This will result in significant value from synergies and improved ability to respond to market and client demands,” says Svante Hedin, Co-Head of Trading, SEB Markets. “We will be able to apply the same skill set and technology experience for all electronically traded asset classes and to streamline workflows. The solution also brings business benefits, most notably a faster time to market when adding proprietary functionality and trading venue coverage. We also rely on Itiviti’s platform for our algorithm development, implementing strategies for market-making, risk management and execution. The platform will become a cornerstone in our future algo trading strategy.” 

Itiviti FX feature summary:

  • Market-making apps for risk management on net currency basis as well as automatic flow optimization and event protection features.

  • Pricing and matching engine for price construction into pools of liquidity that can be distributed to clients according to pre-configured rules.

  • Market connectivity for price distribution, sourcing of market data, and execution.

  • Client management tools and a rich sales margin/fee module.

  • Pricing of different instruments including swaps in addition to synthetic pricing of inverses, crosses and forwards.

  • Built-in pre-trade risk limit system, allowing users to evaluate credit and restrict trade requests.

  • Efficient packaged algorithms for automated order execution capabilities, for stand-alone use or as building blocks in complex proprietary strategies.

  • Open and extendible framework with a rich API allowing for extensions of packaged features and implementation of proprietary functions.

For further information, please contact:
Richard Bentley, CPO, Itiviti, Tel: +44 20 7743 7223, Email:
Jens Persson, Senior Product Manager, Itiviti, Tel. +46 739 01 02 10, Email:
Christine Blinke, Chief Marketing Officer, Itiviti, Tel. +46 739 01 02 01, Email:  

About Itiviti 
Itiviti is a market-leading global provider of multi-asset trading technology and financial infrastructure solutions for buy-side and sell-side market participants, including NYFIX, one of the industry’s largest FIX-based trading communities.

Serving around 2,000 clients worldwide, we provide consistent, reliable access to the most up-to-date and innovative order routing, connectivity and trading solutions available. Top-tier trading firms, banks, brokers, exchanges and institutional investors rely on our technology, solutions and expertise to streamline their daily operations, connect to their desired markets, and trade when and where they want. All while being able to comply with global regulation.

With global offices in 18 locations covering all major financial centers the merger of Itiviti and ULLINK in March 2018 created a full-service technology and infrastructure provider, covering all asset classes, geographies and regulatory landscapes.

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