Itiviti voted best technology firm by proprietary traders

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London, December 11, 2019 – Itiviti, a leading technology and service provider to financial institutions worldwide, has been recognized at the 2019 FOW International Awards, presented last night in London by the Global Investor Group. Following an online vote Itiviti was named Best Technology firm/ISV for proprietary traders of the Year, marking the third straight year that Itiviti is recognized at the prestigious FOW Awards.

Itiviti’s appeal to proprietary trading firms rests on 30+ years of experience from engineering highly customizable trading solutions. Itiviti’s Tbricks trading platform is utilized by prop traders and market makers across a wide range of asset classes. It is architected for efficient, straightforward implementation of proprietary strategies, enabling firms to capitalize on their expert knowledge.

“Itiviti was the stand-out choice for the host of proprietary trading firms polled for this unique FOW Awards category,” said Luke Jeffs, Managing Editor, Global Investor Group. “The firm has demonstrated its commitment to Asia with commodity options and the Capital Crux partnership. Itiviti has also been working hard on ETFs and volatility products as it enters a fresh chapter under new CEO Rob Mackay.”

While most FOW Awards categories are judged by a panel of industry experts, for the Technology firm category proprietary trading firms were asked to nominate their favorite technology partners. From this vote, Itiviti emerged as the top ranked supplier.

“We take great pride in this FOW Award, as the recognition also bears testimony to Itiviti having the most satisfied customers among proprietary trading firms,” said Linda Middleditch, EVP, Head of Product Strategy, Itiviti. “We certainly intend to reciprocate this honor by continuing to cater to both immediate and future needs of prop traders, who rely on our technology each day for their success.”

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About Itiviti
Itiviti enables financial institutions worldwide to transform their trading and capture tomorrow. With innovative technology, deep expertise and a dedication to service, we help customers seize market opportunities and guide them through regulatory change.

Top-tier banks, brokers, trading firms and institutional investors rely on Itiviti’s solutions to service their clients, connect to markets, trade smarter in all asset classes by consolidating trading platforms and leverage automation to move faster.

A global technology and service provider, we offer the most innovative, consistent, and reliable connectivity and trading solutions available.

With presence in all major financial centres and serving around 2,000 clients in over 50 countries, Itiviti delivers on a global scale.

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