It's Alive and Channel 4 launch mobile action game to "X-Fire" TV show in the UK

It's Alive and Channel 4 launch mobile action game to "X-Fire" TV show in the UK Swedish mobile game developer It's Alive delivers SMS based action game to UK broadcaster Channel 4 for a newly launched TV show called "X- FIRE". This is the first mobile multiplayer game that is specifically developed to complement a TV format. Channel 4's new TV show X-Fire has it's own nation-wide mobile game that's played on your phone. The aim is to move around a virtual world hunting and fighting other players, all seeking to become the best. Commands are sent by text messages, and results are sent back to you by text. To play the game, users need to register their phone via a premium rate phone line so that their details can be added to the games database. They will be given the credits required to play the game upon registration, they can then sign up on a special X-Fire game website and create a role play character for use in the game. As soon as users register their details they will be sent their first game SMS enabling play to begin. Gamers can target, scan and fire at other players in a virtual world similar to the abandoned airbase where the TV show is filmed. "This is the first time a mobile game is used to complement a TV show in this way" says Jo Rosenfelder, Business Development Controller at Channel 4 Interactive, "It's Alive with their track record from the location based game 'BotFighters' was the natural choice of partner." "The X-Fire project with Channel4 - one of the largest TV channels in the UK - is an important strategic step for It's Alive in becoming preferred partner for media companies that want to explore the mobile channel", says Sven Hålling, CEO of It's Alive. For further information please contact: Sven Hålling Becky Oxley CEO It's PR Manager - Alive Channel 4 sven.halling@ Interactive boxley@chann +46 705 82 53 23 +44 207 306 3751 IT'S ALIVE MOBILE GAMES ( is a leading provider of mobile games, determined to create the greatest game experiences ever seen on mobile phones. Launching the world's first location-based game BotFighters back in 2000, It's Alive is now working with mobile operators, portals and media corporations in creating the games that will redefine mobile gaming in the 22nd century. It's Alive was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Stockholm. 4 VENTURES LTD is the new holding company, established in January 2001, to house all Channel 4's businesses other than the main channel, 4 Learning and 124 Facilities. 4 Ventures includes FilmFour channels, E4 channel,,,,, other commercial ventures to include FilmFour Ltd, Channel 4 International Ltd, Commercial Development and at the races. 4 Ventures will also house any new businesses launched after 1st January 2001 by Channel 4. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: