Tropical Japan:  The Islands of Wellness Open for International Visitors

                        January 18, 2013, New York, NY: Okinawa, Japan’s tropical archipelago, has more cultural attractions and natural beauty than you can possibly imagine. Once its own kingdom, the Ryukyu Kingdom which ruled over these remote tropical islands until the 19th century, Okinawa today occupies the most southwest end of Japan and offers its own unique blend of a traditional wellness culture and elegant Japanese hospitality. There has been a quiet growth in tourism to Okinawa, complemented by an increase in the number of cruise ships and international flights. New hotels welcome visitors drawn by Okinawa’s unique ambiance and one-of-a-kind hospitality, especially since Okinawa is renowned for fostering one of the longest life expectancies in the world due to healthy local cuisine and a relaxed lifestyle. New hospitality businesses have also sprung up to serve visitors attracted by Okinawa’s quiet sandy beaches, its crystal-clear blue ocean, slow pace of life and one-of-a-kind wellness regime. Visitors can therefore expect superior hospitality and a laid-back atmosphere as they enjoy healing treatments, longevity-inducing cuisine and décor that mirrors Okinawa’s natural beauty. With the opening of these new luxury hotels and resorts, discerning travelers and adventurers can explore more areas of Okinawa than ever before.

The Hotel Ritz-Carlton Okinawa: Okinawa’s first large international brand opened in May of 2012 and instantly became a hit with culturally savvy beach vacationers seeking a perfect getaway.  Taking over the property located in the Kisé Country Club, the Hotel Ritz-Carlton Okinawa boasts a design that perfectly combines historic Shuri Castle architecture from the 14th century with contemporary features. The Ritz-Carlton Okinawa emphasizes Okinawa’s nature and beauty while offering the universal Ritz-Carlton style of luxury hospitality. (

Hoshinoya Okinawa: For Okinawan hospitality in more traditional surroundings, try Hoshinoya Okinawa on Taketomi Island. The Japanese elite resort management company Hoshino Resort Inc. touched down in one of Okinawa’s remote islands, which preserves a centuries-old lifestyle that includes carts drawn by water buffalo cart and breezy houses topped with orange tiles. Laid out like a small village, with private chalets built using traditional architecture, Hoshinoya also gives easy access to a natural paradise, including shallow water and mangrove jungles. (

Hyakuna Garan: Celebrating Okinawa’s natural beauty, Hyakuna Garan is the perfect fusion of Japanese and Okinawan styles with its red tiles, limestone and chagi wood. All guest rooms have panoramic ocean views enhanced by windows that can open to let in the gentle sea breeze. By incorporating the surrounding nature in its décor, the facility is the perfect place for true relaxation. (