Ivarson Inc. chooses Jeeves Enterprise for its customization abilities

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Ivarson Inc. chooses Jeeves Enterprise for its customization abilities (JEEV) Jeeves Information Systems AB's subsidiary, Jeeves North America Inc., has signed a contract with Ivarson Inc., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA for delivery of the ERP system Jeeves Enterprise. The initial order value is approximately USD 90,000 including licenses, implementation and project management. The deal comprises Jeeves Enterprise modules that will support Ivarson's financial and manufacturing processes and the initial licenses are for 28 users. Ivarson Inc. is one of US' industry-leading manufacturers of equipment for the food processing and packaging industry. Jeeves Enterprise fully integrated system will allow the customer to concentrate on its core business and optimize the operations by eliminating double data entry, keeping track of sales and costs, and allowing multi-currency handling for import and export to the North American, South American and European markets. "Jeeves Enterprise's functionality and integration capabilities will provide us with huge time and labor savings, as well as improve job tracking and costing", says Erik Ivarson, Vice President at Ivarson Inc. With Jeeves Enterprise the customer gets a system package that really supports their financial and manufacturing processes. The General Ledger will be fully integrated with the rest of the system, and will keep track of all transactions so that it is in balance every moment. "We are really impressed and pleased by the customization abilities that Jeeves Enterprise gives", concludes Mr. Ivarson. For more information, contact: Nicolas Ehrling, President, Jeeves Information Systems AB Phone: +46 8 587 099 42, mobile: +46 70 480 6070, e-mail: nicolas.ehrling@jeeves.se Roger Jonsson, President, Jeeves North America Inc. Phone: +1 (407) 620-1116, e-mail: roger.jonsson@jeevesusa.com Erik Ivarson, Vice President, Ivarson Inc. Phone: +1 (414) 351-0700, e-mail: erik@ivarsoninc.com About Jeeves Jeeves Information Systems AB develops business systems for medium-sized companies in the manufacturing, commercial, and service sectors. The company, which has a staff of 45, focuses on product development while sales are dealt with by 300 committed and expert employees and consultants with special and sector-specific skills within various business processes. Jeeves Information Systems AB collaborates with 15 partners throughout the world, with partners being represented at 20 locations in Sweden alone. The company's main product is Jeeves Enterprise, which is installed at more than 850 companies with over 11,000 users. The present operation started in 1992 and the company has been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange O-list since 1999. About Jeeves Enterprise Jeeves Enterprise is a complete business system in a Windows environment, which thanks to its openness is an unbeatable platform for web applications and e-commerce. Thanks to our unique design, customer adaptations are preserved upon update to a later version. The software contains a comprehensive range of routines from Accounting, Logistics, Service, Time & Project to CRM and SCM (Supply chain Management). Jeeves Enterprise has a flexible and customizable user interface that also contains a powerful macro language that is used for customer adaptations. The flexibility and adaptability available in Jeeves Enterprise makes it a suitable solution for major companies wanting a common business system for their medium-sized and smaller subsidiaries. More information can be found at www.jeeves.se About Ivarson Inc. An industry leader for 40 years, Ivarson Inc. has revolutionized the food processing and packaging industry. Through continuous improvement and innovation Ivarson supplies butter, margarine and cheese customers with quality products and service. Founded in 1963 by Len E. Ivarson the vision and values are the same today as when the company first started. Through deep experience the company has developed a diverse line of processing and packaging equipment under the Ivarson name and select representation agreements. Ivarson also offers quality-remanufactured equipment and rebuilding programs, which incorporate the latest technological advances in safety, design and electronics. All equipment sold by Ivarson is built with the commitment to quality and backed by strong customer service. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker http://www.waymaker.net The following files are available for download: http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2003/01/07/20030107BIT00020/wkr0001.doc http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2003/01/07/20030107BIT00020/wkr0002.pdf