Entrepreneur Jessica Miller Merrell Gives Working Mothers A New Blueprint To Balance High Paying  Careers and Extremely Busy Schedules!

Oklahoma City, OK, Sept. 22, 2011--Workings Mothers Like Jessica Miller-Merrell  Know  How To End Mommy Guilt and Balance An Extremely Busy Career and Motherhood!. Jessica Miller-Merrell provides workings mothers and stay at home moms who work from  home a simple step by step plan on how to end that inward “guilt feeling” battle.

Jessica Miller-Merrell, a leading HR and social media expert whose busy schedule also involves frequent travel, believes working mothers become better moms when they follow their true purpose and express their power, molding their true identities. Miller-Merrell encourages working moms to embrace their gift and life calling to in order to have  successful high paying careers 

After leaving her high paying corporate career, Jessica Miller-Merrell found a way to be a stay at home mom with her little daughter and start a consulting business … right from her very own kitchen!  Today, with countless women working from home and even becoming the only household provider, society welcomes the fact that more women run businesses and manage successful top notch executive careers while being a full time mom, a wife and a complete woman.

Miller-Merrell says, “I love working.  I have an important job that I love and people who depend and rely on me.  Just like being a mom, this is a job I have trained for, dreamed about, and worked towards my whole life.  Without it, I somehow don’t feel whole.  I wouldn’t be me.”

Listed as the second most influential recruiter online and most recently, the 14th most influential woman on Twitter, she has earned an extraordinary reputation as a professional business woman. In her weekly newsletters, Miller-Merrell addresses the most current issues on social media discrimination, motherhood, domestic men, career and starting a new business. Miller-Merrell believes that moms are better moms because they can be a determined career woman and also a wonderful mommy for their kids.  Professional working mother like Jessica Miller-Merrell possess amazing creativity and solid time management skills to tackle the stress of daily challenges.

Miller Merrell took a big leap of faith working for herself and Xceptional HR full-time as a HR and business consultant..

In a recent interview with publicist Tatyana Gann, Miller-Merrell stated, “After attending the BlogHer conference in San Diego, I discovered a whole new world of motherhood; working mothers who can make things happen and still enjoy the beauty of being a mom, working woman, a wife, without being perfect. I can still follow my passion and learn how to balance it all. My daughter was the reason to do what I do to begin with and I am still learning…”

In the next 60 days, Miller-Merrell’s Bloggin4Jobs.com newsletter will be sharing more insider tips on the topics of motherhood, balance, social media, and growing your business.

Topics will include:

  1. How to handle the idea of being a mom
  2. Career/family struggles
  3. How to set aside guilt and enjoy life for the first time
  4. Stay at home dads (mommy brings home the bacon)
  5. How to stop chasing perfectionism
  6. New career options
  7. How to stop struggling and embrace changes even when the economy is not a bed of roses

Miller-Merrell also pointed out that in today’s world, men also have the same issues.  According to recent research, 68% of men have experienced conflicts between their responsibilities as a parent and work.

Miller-Merrell also asks the question, “Are men struggling the same way in balancing their life and work like their female counter parts are?  Are they ridden with guilt when they leave their crying child at daycare for the first time?”

It brings out a great point revealing that everyone can experience “Mommy or Daddy Guilt” and mompreneurs should embrace their own power and let it shine. It is a choice.

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Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR known as @blogging4jobs. She’s an Internet television host, author, speaker, new mother, and Human Resources professional with a passion for recruiting, training, and all things social media. Jessica is a leader in the HR social media community and has over 11 years of experience in Human Resources and Recruiting. Her book, Tweet This! Twitter for Business was released in February 2010.

Jessica blogs about HR, Social Media Policies, Recruiting, Job Seekers, and Recruiting topics.  Blogging4Jobs has more than 500 blogs posts and has been active since 2007. 

Contact Jessica via email at jessica@xceptionalhr.com or by phone at 405.293-2564.