Calgary, Alberta September 27, 2011 – Dr. Brad Mechor, sinus and skull based surgeon recently performed an innovative, first in the province balloon sinuplasty procedure. The minimally invasive technique and device used during the procedure enabled a successful outcome for the patient who suffered from an acute frontal sinusitis.

The case involved a 34 year old female patient who had been diagnosed with an isolated left frontal sinusitis. This condition manifested over several weeks and presented as a severe left sided frontal headache, which was first thought to be a severe migraine. However, a CT scan showed a left frontal sinusitis.

As Dr. Mechor of the Calgary Sinus Centre notes, “The patient’s history revealed previous endoscopic sinus surgery and so the potential for scarring in the sinus outflow tract could have been a strong possibility. In reality, however, the patient’s normal nasal and sinus structures were still very much intact and that little actual sinus surgery had been done.”

“After reviewing the results and weighing the options which included traditional endoscopic sinus surgery, we contacted Acclarent Canada to determine if we could evaluate their Relieva ™ Balloon Sinuplasty system for this case. The minimally invasive design of this device could be easily deployed to treat the sinus and avoid traditional endoscopic surgery, which would allow for a shorter anesthetic, reduced recovery time and preservation of the soft tissue in the frontal sinus and recess and surrounding anatomy,” explains Dr. Mechor.

Dr. Mechor explained, “The frontal sinus can be a challenging sinus to treat with conventional instrumentation, and in a situation where the sinus mucosa was very inflamed from the acute infection, there is a much greater risk for post-op scarring and surgical complications such as an injury to the eye or brain fluid leak. The Balloon Sinuplasty device was chosen as it would allow for a more direct approach to the isolated frontal sinus without removing tissue from the the other unaffected sinuses.”

“During this case, explains Dr. Mechor, “we visualized the patient anatomy using an endoscope. The frontal sinus guide catheter was placed just below the recess of the frontal sinus. We then advanced the guidewire into the frontal sinus and confirmed the sinus space by trans-illuminating the sinus wall. We then advanced the balloon catheter over the guidewire and dilated the frontal sinus ostium and recess with a 6mm balloon for approximately three seconds. Blood loss was minimal and the total surgery time was about 1/3 of what a traditional sinus surgery would have been.”

No complications were noted during the procedure and the patient has done well without any treatment sequelae. After a six week follow up, the patient’s sinuses were almost totally healed and the left frontal sinus was nicely open. The surrounding tissue has also healed and appeared healthy and normal. “The sinuses typically take several weeks to months to heal after surgery. By reducing the amount of tissue removed, overall healing time is less allowing for a quicker return to normal function after the intervention.” Dr Mechor reports.

“While the Balloon Sinuplasty device is not the right device for every patient, this device has great promise for the future of sinus surgery. The fact that we can open the drainage pathway and preserve normal tissue presents a tremendous patient benefit. With a minimally invasive approach, the potential for treating disease earlier could reduce the need for ongoing antibiotics and steroids and potentially reduce the need for more aggressive surgical interventions. ” says, Dr. Mechor.

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