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The Annual General Meeting for Josab International AB decided 2015-06-12 to introduce an incentive program, which is handled by the wholly owned subsidiary JOSINT Financial Services AB, for employees in the categories subsidiaries CEO’s, management and other personnel. The program runs until 2016-06-30.

The Company shall, on payment corresponding to the warrants theoretical value at the time of transfer, calculated using the Black & Scholes model, assign up to 1,000,000 warrants in the incentive program.

The strike price of the warrants shall correspond to 200 percent of the volume-weighted average price of the Company's share price during the period 28 May to 11 June 2015, which is set to 27.48 SEK.

During week 39, a total of 600,000 options were subscribed, of which 300,000 by the subsidiary’s CEO’s, 200,000 by the Management and 100,000 by other employees. The price according to the Black & Scholes model is SEK 0.09 per warrant i.e. a total of 54,000 SEK.

Upon full exercise of the during week 39 signed warrants, the share capital can increase by a maximum of SEK 60,000 and the share premium reserve with SEK 16,428,000, corresponding to 1.2% of the current number of shares.

The company expects that the stock option plan will be fully subscribed during 2015.

Stockholm 28th of September 2015

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