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Dear shareholders,

Here is a new update from us at JS Security.

During the past period, we have worked intensively with the Due Diligence of Stonebeach AB prior to our potential acquisition. We remain very positive about StoneBeach and its synergies with JS Security.

For those who may have missed the information about our intended acquisition of Stonebeach AB (see press release dated 2021-11-02), it is a company in information security and "enterprise content services". We see that StoneBeach can add great added value to JS Security's product portfolio and growth strategy. The ambition of the acquisition is to strengthen the Group with additional cutting-edge expertise and existing customers in the banking, finance sector, and the automotive industry.

JS Security's development continues in accordance with the stated development plan. All milestones in R1 (development plan) have now been completed and bounty testing and penetration testing have now been initiated and these are also proceeding according to plan.

We have also put together a marketing team, which will work in parallel with our internal sales organization to profile our products. They must also work out an effective marketing plan to reach our relevant target groups as quickly as possible, including globally.

Since listing, JS Security has had a clear strategy regarding communication and transparency towards the Company's shareholders, potential customers, and other stakeholders. As part of this, and to take JS Security's communication to new levels, we've launched a new complementary format, a podcast called "BlockCast".

As a lot happens around JS Security and the Company's products, the idea with BlockCast is that the Company's founders, Christopher Ramstedt & Pierre Grönberg, in a relaxed and simple format, will make shareholders and other stakeholders more familiar with what is being created.

Link to BlockCast:

The next block, "Block_005" will be published on December 2, 2021.


For further information, please contact:

Christopher Ramstedt, Chief Operating Officer & Head of Investor Relations

About JS Security

JS Security is a Swedish blockchain-based cyber security group. The company's expertise lies in the development of advanced technological infrastructure and platforms based on blockchain technology. JS Security offers secure decentralized data storage and complementary applications primarily for B2B. The current customers are located in Scandinavia. JS Security has offices in Helsingborg and headquarters in Stockholm.

The company's shares are listed on the Spotlight Stock Market.


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