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  • JS Security initiates integration of Security-as-a-Service underlying technology into Oracle Web Center Content with StoneBeach

JS Security initiates integration of Security-as-a-Service underlying technology into Oracle Web Center Content with StoneBeach

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JS Security Technologies Group AB ("JS Security" or "the Company") announces today that JS Security, together with its wholly-owned subsidiary Stonebeach AB ("StoneBeach"), is initiating the integration of Security-as-a-Service underlying technology to Oracle Web Center Content.

JS Security and StoneBeach begin integrating the underlying technology in Security-as-a-Service into Oracle Web Center Content. This means that JS Security's encryption and underlying decentralized storage will be an independent part of Oracle's server structure. This in turn leads to JS Security securing the future in which companies store their data with major infrastructure providers.

Oracle is today one of the largest providers of data storage and complementary solutions for companies regarding IT infrastructure. Oracle also has data centers in several different locations around the world. Initially, the integration run by JS Security and StoneBeach will take place in a so-called "Closed environment", to carry out tests and improvements. This is to be implemented at a later stage in the so-called "Active environment" with different customers.

If JS Security and StoneBeach succeed with the integration, it will open the door for customers who want to buy Security-as-a-Service, without initially having to move from their existing platforms. This in turn can mean great benefits when it comes to companies that have to move large amounts of data, while at the same time giving the ability to use Security-as-a-Service together with other providers such as. Google, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.

JS Security sees the implementation as the first and fastest step towards integrating Security-as-a-Service with existing StoneBeach customers. In addition to providing existing customers with a better and more secure solution, this is also expected to make a positive contribution to JS Security's revenue while integrating into an active environment. In addition, this opens the door further in customer processing as the Company gets an easier transition from customers' existing solutions to JS Security.

For further information, please contact:

Christopher Ramstedt, Chief Operating Officer & Head of Investor Relations

About JS Security

JS Security is a Swedish "Web3" company within complex cyber security that develops advanced security infrastructures and products for the B2B and B2C market. The company delivers its products and services to a wide range of partners and customers, primarily in Scandinavia, but also globally. JS Security has offices in Helsingborg and Stockholm.

The company's shares are listed on the Spotlight Stock Market.