JS Security's founder, board members and shareholders extend their lockup agreements

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JS Security Technologies Group AB ("JS Security" or "the Company") announces today that the Company's founder Christopher Ramstedt, acting CEO Pontus Wilgodt, board member Per Holmstedt and another major shareholder will extend their lockup agreements. The extension includes a total of 1,418,320 shares. The extension takes effect at the same time as the existing agreements expire.

The extension of the lockup agreements that have been signed today includes 1,418,320 shares, corresponding to 22.39% of the total number of shares. Christopher Ramstedt and Pontus Wilgodt extend their agreements by six (6) months. Other parties extend their agreements initially by three (3) months. The date for the contract extension for all parties is 2022-05-13, at the same time as existing lockup agreements expire.

"It's obvious to me to extend my lock-up contract. I have a strong belief in the Company's development and the attractive position we now have. I feel that JS Security is right on time, which the future will show. '', Comments Christopher Ramstedt, Founder and Chief Operating Officer & Head of Investor Relations, JS Security

For further information, please contact:

Christopher Ramstedt, Chief Operating Officer & Head of Investor Relations

About JS Security

JS Security is a Swedish "Web3" company within complex cyber security that develops advanced security infrastructures and products for the B2B and B2C market. The company delivers its products and services to a wide range of partners and customers, primarily in Scandinavia, but also globally. JS Security has offices in Helsingborg and Stockholm.

The company's shares are listed on the Spotlight Stock Market.