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  • Kamux continues to expand in Sweden - showroom no. 19 to be opened in Stockholm

Kamux continues to expand in Sweden - showroom no. 19 to be opened in Stockholm

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Kamux Corporation  Press Release 09 July 2019 at 12:00 

Kamux continues to expand in Sweden - showroom no. 19 to be opened in Stockholm

Kamux, a company specialising in used car sales, is continuing its strong growth. Kamux is further expanding its operations in Sweden by opening a new showroom in Stockholm during the autumn in 2019.

Obvious choice for expansion 

“Stockholm area is an obvious choice for our expansion in Sweden. This will be our second showroom in the Stockholm metropolitan area. The population of 1.5 million inhabitants is a huge potential for Kamux’s growth,” says Robin Toss, Swedish Country Director.

Showroom in a shopping center

Kamux’s new showroom will be located in Heron City shopping center in Kungens Kurva which is the biggest commercial area in Stockholm.

“It is exciting to take Kamux showroom into a shopping center, and not least because of seven million visitors annually in Heron city. We are right in the heart of retail business which is convenient for our customers and it also enables new customer groups to find us,” says Robin Toss.

The new showroom consists of a showroom inside the shopping center and of a large outdoor area. The number of cars will be about 140 but obviously the whole Kamux’s car stock of over 1 000 cars is available for customers regardless of where or how they choose to do business, and Kamux does home delivery as well.

Growth in Stockholm area means more visibility

“Growth in densely populated Stockholm area means also more visibility and awareness for Kamux brand in Sweden. Brand building is very important in retail business and this is definitely a big step forward for us in Sweden,” says Olli Kilpi, Director of International Business.

Hiring new staff 

“Kamux has a unique training programme where new employees will have the opportunity to learn the profession and customer service skills. Recruiting for Stockholm has started. The right attitude is key, so previous experience in car sales is not essential,” says Robin Toss, Swedish Country Director.

More information:

Robin Toss, Kamux Ab, Country Director, tel. +46 702 807 057

Olli Kilpi, Kamux Corporation, Director of International Business, tel. +358 40 674 1032

Kamux Corporation is a retail chain specializing in the sale of used cars and related integrated services that has grown rapidly. The first Kamux car showroom started its operations in 2003 in Hämeenlinna, Finland and the company currently has 48 car showrooms in Finland, sixteen in Sweden and four in Germany. Since its founding, the company has sold more than 200,000 used cars, of which 46,596 were sold in 2018. Kamux’s revenue reached EUR 527.8 million in 2018. In 2018, Kamux’s average number of employees was 472 in terms of full-time equivalent employees. The shares of Kamux are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.