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  • Kamux is relocating in Vaasa, the selection of cars in Vaasa will be doubled

Kamux is relocating in Vaasa, the selection of cars in Vaasa will be doubled

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Kamux Corporation Press Release, 23 April, 2019 at 16:00 


Kamux is relocating in Vaasa, selection of cars in Vaasa will be doubled

Kamux, a company specialising in used car sales, is relocating in Vaasa in the beginning of October. The new location means that Kamux’s selection of cars in Vaasa will double. The relocation supports Kamux’s growth in Finland. 

The selection will double in October

“Kamux will relocate in Vaasa in the beginning of October to new premises at Kivihaantie 1-3. The new location will make it possible to double the selection of cars in our Vaasa showroom. The new showroom will be situated in a very vibrant shopping area. In addition to a well-functioning showroom, the extensive outdoor area will enable us to increase our selection of cars,” says Kamux’s Country Director Tommi Iiskonmäki.

In addition to a large local offering, Kamux’s entire selection of over 4,000 cars in Finland, and the cars we have in Sweden and Germany, are available to our customers in the Vaasa region.

The number of staff will also double

“The new showroom and larger selection of cars also mean that we will double the number of salespersons in Vaasa. Hiring locally is important to us. We want to support communities by employing from within them”, Iiskonmäki says. 

For more information, please contact: 

Tommi Iiskonmäki, Country Director, Kamux Suomi Oy, +358 40 5801 498

Satu Otala, Director of Communications, Kamux Corporation, +358 400 629 337

Kamux Corporation is a retail chain specializing in the sale of used cars and related integrated services that has grown rapidly. The first Kamux car showroom started its operations in 2003 in Hämeenlinna, Finland and the company currently has 47 car showrooms in Finland, fifteen in Sweden and four in Germany. Since its founding, the company has sold more than 200,000 used cars, of which 46,596 were sold in 2018. Kamux’s revenue reached EUR 527.8 million in 2018. In 2018, Kamux’s average number of employees was 472 in terms of full-time equivalent employees. The shares of Kamux are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.