Kamux opened a modern processing centre and megastore in Oulu

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Kamux Corporation     Press Release    February 23, 2022 at 9:00 (EET)

Kamux opened a modern processing centre and megastore in Oulu

The opening of a processing centre and a new store in Oulu is part of Kamux's growth strategy to improve the efficiency of its car handling processes and support effective omni-channel sales.

"Oulu's largest car showroom will improve efficiency by bringing cars from two stores under one roof. At the same time, the modern processing centre provides a great framework for improving Kamux's quality and enabling growth," says Jani Koivu, Country Director for Kamux Finland.

The processing centre, located in a property owned by Kamux, will serve Kamux's stores outside Oulu more widely. The processing centre, which employs around 10 people, will enable efficient and more accurate processing of cars, including inspections, washing, repairs, imaging, modelling and logistics.

"The industrialisation of the processes serves customers both through choice and through comprehensive and high-quality car information, which is building transparency and trust. The Oulu store will enable us to offer a range of more than 300 cars and customers will also be able to choose their car from Kamux's entire range of around 6,000 cars. Cars move where the customer is," Koivu continues.

Kamux's Oulunportti property is 4,000 square meters. The official opening of the store will take place in early spring.

For more information:

Jani Koivu, Country Director, Finland, tel. +358 50 388 0295

Juha Kalliokoski, CEO, tel. +359 40 185 8633


Kamux Corporation is a retail chain specializing in the sale of used cars and related integrated services that has grown rapidly. Kamux combines online shopping with an extensive showroom network to provide its customers with a great service experience anytime, anywhere. In addition to digital channels, the company has total of 78 car showrooms in Finland, Sweden and Germany. Since its founding, the company has sold almost 400,000 used cars, 60,657 of which were sold in 2020. Kamux’s revenue reached EUR 724.1 million in 2020. In 2020, Kamux’s average number of employees was 713 in terms of full-time equivalent employees. The shares of Kamux are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange.