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At today’s annual general meeting of Karo Pharma, the following decisions were passed.

The annual general meeting resolved to adopt the income statement and balance sheet for the group and the parent company. The annual general meeting resolved that available funds, including the earnings for the year, were to be carried forward.

The annual general meeting resolved that the board of directors shall consist of seven board members without deputy directors by re-election of Bo Jesper Hansen, Erika Henriksson, Vesa Koskinen, Åsa Riisberg and Håkan Åström as well as election of Eva Sjökvist Saers and Flemming Ørnskov as new board members. Flemming Ørnskov was elected as from 31 October 2019. The annual general meeting re-elected Bo Jesper Hansen as chairman of the board.

Remuneration to the board of directors was determined to SEK 2,250,000, of which the chairman is entitled SEK 600,000, and each of the other board members are entitled SEK 300,000, however, the remuneration to Flemming Ørnskov shall be reduced pro rata in relation to his term and hence amount to SEK 150,000. The elected board members that are active at EQT – Erika Henriksson, Vesa Koskinen and Åsa Riisberg – have announced that they remit their respective remuneration to the help and charity organisation Operation Smile.

The accounting firm Ernst & Young AB was elected as new auditor for the period until the end of the annual general meeting 2020.

The annual general meeting further resolved, in accordance with the board of directors’ proposal, to adopt guidelines for remuneration for senior management.

The annual general meeting resolved, in accordance with the board of directors’ proposal, to authorise the board of directors, for the period until the next annual general meeting, on one or more occasions, to decide on the transfer of own shares. The reason for the authorisation is to expand the company’s financial flexibility, to enable acquisitions through payment with shares, to provide the company with new capital and/or new shareholders of strategic importance to the company, and/or acquisitions of other companies or operations. Transfer of shares may be carried out of a maximum of all own shares held by the company at the time of the board of directors’ resolution on transfer.

The annual general meeting also resolved, in accordance with the board of directors’ proposal, to authorise the board of directors to – on one or more occasions and until the end of the next annual general meeting – decide on the issue of shares. The number of shares to be issued on the basis of the authorization shall not exceed 10 per cent of the registered share capital at the time of the issue decision. The issue may be made with or without deviation from the shareholders’ preferential rights, as well as on terms regarding payment in kind, by right of set-off or against other terms.


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Karo Pharma is a Specialty Pharma company, which develops and markets products for pharmacies as well as directly to the healthcare sector. Karo Pharma is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap.

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