Environmental and water permit granted for Keliber Oy's Syväjärvi mining area

The Regional State Administrative Agency of Inner and Western Finland has granted an environmental and water permit for the Keliber Oy’s Syväjärvi mining area.

The Regional State Administrative Agency of Inner and Western Finland (“AVI”) has on February 20, 2019 granted an environmental permit to the Syväjärvi open pit mine and a water permit for the temporary drainage of the lakes Syväjärvi and Heinäjärvi. The granted permit includes ore and waste rock mining, stockpiling of waste rocks, construction of the areas needed for commencing the mining operation and the temporary drainage of Syväjärvi and Heinäjärvi lakes located in the mining area.

The environmental and water permit contain provisions, among other things, on the environmental protection structures, environmental impacts and their mitigation, discharges to water, air and soil, noise protection and monitoring and reporting of the environmental impact of the operations. The permit decision includes a security deposit for the extractive waste facilities and for ensuring waste management as well as the fisheries fee. The granted permit is not yet legally valid.

“AVI has done careful work in their decision on Syväjärvi environmental and water permit and it shows the functionality of the pre-consultancy procedure. This is an important milestone, along with the previously granted Syväjärvi mining permit, in the path of commencing our operations. We continue planning our future operations as well as preparations related to other key permitting processes”, says Pertti Lamberg, CEO of Keliber Oy.

Further information

Environmental Manager Kari Wiikinkoski tel. +358 (0) 50 3753 204

CEO Pertti Lamberg tel. +358 (0) 50 5991 189

Keliber Oy

Keliber Oy is a Finnish mining and chemical industry company with an objective of producing high-purity lithium chemicals for the needs of the international lithium battery market.