UK firm plays key role in dealing with Ebola crisis

A UK manufacturing firm has played a key role in bringing the African Ebola pandemic under control.

Inciner8 has been working with the United Nations to provide safe medical-grade incineration facilities to prevent the spread of this highly contagious and deadly virus, which can be passed on even once a victim has died.

“Ebola does not care about status and at one stage it looked as though it might become a pandemic through Africa,” said Paul Niklas, Managing Director of Inciner8.

“We are proud to have been able to be part of the solution, and not just to halt the spread of Ebola, but to take the disease to the brink of extinction.”

Inciner8 has donated over $200,000 worth of technology and machinery to enable the safe cremation of victims of Ebola victims. In conjunction with the UN and the Red Cross they have provided a 24hr response service to ensure equipment was delivered when required and offering training to locals to ensure donated incinerators can continue to be used beyond the crisis.

Since the start of the latest Ebola outbreak in West Africa 20 months ago 11,298 have died as a direct result and almost 30,000 cases having been reported. Last October there were more than 1,600 deaths from Ebola. In October 2015 there were just 96 new cases.

“The traditional ways that people prepared the dead for burial in West Africa were exposing them to the virus while it was still contagious,” said Mr Niklas. “The disaster response charities and the UN have worked incredibly hard to get the message across that one of the key ways to stop Ebola was to change the way the deceased victims were handled.

“With many West African nations not having the infrastructure to carry out safe cremation, we were able to step in and help.”

Inciner8’s donation has helped to reduce the likelihood of contamination dramatically, resulting in hundreds of lives being saved.


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Notes to editors:


Inciner8 is a leading manufacturer of incinerators for the disposal of waste, medical and animal material.

Customers include the US military, British Foreign Office, United Nations, International Red Cross and Médecins Sans Frontières‎.

In 2012 Inciner8 was awarded the ‘Made in Britain’ Award and in 2013 it received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade.

Inciner8 is also a UKTI North West Export Champion.

The donation of incinerators is one of many philanthropic donations insisted upon by Founder and Chairman Vince Ferguson, who firmly believes that business needs to give something back to the people it serves.

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