FinnCham forms global network

The new global FinnCham network links over 100 trade associations, chambers of commerce and societies operating in different parts of the world to support and strengthen Finnish companies’ internationalisation and exports. The network extends from China to Chile and from Africa to Argentina.

The global FinnCham network, founded by chambers of commerce, establishes contacts between Finnish companies operating around the world as well as those wishing to do so, opens doors and strengthens economic relations with other countries.

“The internationalisation of Finnish companies requires continuous work. The internationalisation of small and medium-sized enterprises in particular must be supported by all possible means. The FinnCham network will offer an excellent channel for this work,” says Finland’s Minister for Europe and Foreign Trade Alexander Stubb.

The Finland Chamber of Commerce coordinates the FinnCham network in cooperation with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, and Finpro.

“FinnCham will not create a new structure; the goal is to enhance and improve cooperation between existing operators,” emphasises Risto EJ Penttilä, CEO of the Finland Chamber of Commerce.

Investments and experts

The network will help to create a strong image of Finland throughout the world and build company contacts in the target countries. The network will also act as a bridge from the world to Finland and help foreign companies establish contacts in Finland.

“Finland needs more interaction, foreign investors and experts. We are building a worldwide network to strengthen the internationalisation of Finnish companies,” explains Penttilä. “Particularly in developing economies, the significance of networks and personal relationships is of prime importance in boosting business.”

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