Swedish Kiliaro sees great growth potential in the integrity trend

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The fact that the number of users on Facebook is declining may be due to the fact that today's users on social media care more about privacy. The founders behind the photo app Kiliaro believe that the trend is here to stay as more young users choose private photo sharing.

The first days of February were turbulent for the social media giant Facebook, this after the Meta share dropped by 25 percent as the number of users on the platform decreased. Analysts from the international finance company UBS have since tried to understand the underlying mechanisms and believe that there has been a shift as users today prefer private sharing over public sharing. The founders behind the photo app Kiliaro believe this is partly due to the fact that privacy is valued more today than before.

- Traditional social platforms need to think over things now when behaviors like this are changing. Users today value security and privacy and would rather share photos and videos privately with one another rather than in a flow where everyone is watching. The integrity trend is here to stay, says Elie Komo, CEO of Kiliaro.

The younger target group leads the development in social media. According to Swedes and Internet 2021, young people choose completely different channels than those born in the 80s or 90s. Facebook and Instagram, which has long revolved around users' public posts is being replaced with platforms such as Whatsapp and Snapchat, where private sharing is in focus.

From the start, Kiliaro has chosen a different path than the big social media giants. While traditional channels are based on advertising as a revenue model, Kiliaro has a model where the app is selling add-on features but keeps the platform free from advertising.

- That the trend is heading our way is clear, and a proof that our model is in the right timing. Today, users prefer to pay extra for add-on features without advertising and unwanted content. I am sure that we will see more players choose this revenue model in the future, says Elie Komo.

With a positive growth curve in the Swedish market, it was announced earlier this year that Kiliaro will now be launched in eight new markets.