Swedish photo app counteracts the side effects of Instagram and TikTok.

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The big social media platforms have recently been criticized for contributing to increased mental illness. The Swedish photo app Kiliaro wants to counteract the negative side effects caused by e.g. Instagram and Tik Tok.

The beginning of 2022 was a turbulent time for the social media giant Facebook, as Meta shares fell 25 percent following revelations that the number of users on the platform was declining. Since then, analysts from the international financial company UBS have mapped the reasons for the user decrease and now concludes that there has been a shift where many users have begun to prefer private photo sharing over public.

The Swedish innovation company Kiliaro is a progressive photo service that turns the concepts around and wants to work for a more relevant sharing of photos. During the past year, they have developed the concept "Slow Social"; a new social media feed that is built up from memories from your life and events that you have been involved in. Thus, this new concept contributes to a more relevant and sustainable approach to the sharing and consumption of visual material.

- The hunt for followers, feeds full of ads and non-relevant content has taken over what we see on our social media today and Kiliaro is for everyone who is tired of this. The Kiliaro app is instead about private photo sharing and gives a genuine insight into what is happening with the people closest to you and in events that concern you, says one of the founders, Arian Bahrami.

Info video about Kiliaro's new sustainable concept: