The next generation of social media is all about private sharing

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More and more people want to share their photos and videos privately. The trend clearly points to the fact that private sharing of our life memories is the future and that the social platforms need to change.

The majority of all private photo sharing today takes place on various chat apps that are not created for the purpose, which leads to poor photo quality and the content being unorganized, disappearing in the chat flow. In addition, the mobile's storage is quickly eaten up. Despite the need for smooth, free and secure private sharing, there is not yet a clear social platform that offers this. But now the Swedish photo app company Kiliaro steps in and invests heavily in this position.

With the new concept Slow Social, they offer a more relaxed and conscious social media experience that makes it possible to socialize digitally in a way that feels more authentic - and with people who matter to you.

- We discovered early on that the trend is going towards people valuing privacy and a private flow more and more. Over the past few years, we've put huge resources into designing the service to reflect Slow Social for a more sustainable and healthy use of social media. Another factor that clearly differentiates Kiliaro from other social platforms is that we do not make money from advertising. We have a clean and ad-free freemium version that is instead financed by premium features that we offer for a fee. It's thanks to these factors that our concept cannot be easily copied or implemented by other players, says Arian Bahrami, one of the founders.

Kiliaro has developed a range of innovative features within the private photo sharing category. The service is built on the concept of "Events", which can be simply described as a collaborative and multifunctional photo album where you can create a photo flow with your friends. Here you can then comment, react with emojis and create engagement around the memories. The event feature is very useful at, for example, parties, dinners, holidays, company events, etc. Over time, a chronological wall of memories is built up - with pictures taken both by you and by others near, dear and present. Everything is saved in the Kiliaro app - perfectly organized and of the highest quality.