The recipe of success to why his social app will make it globally

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Arian Bahrami is one of the founders of the Swedish photo app Kiliaro. Before Kiliaro, Arian had founded and developed a successful Scandinavian photo agency. Now he aims to deliver the world's first social photo gallery app. 

The success factor for the previous company was an invention that ranked the images automatically. This eliminated the manual review process, which was the bottleneck. Thus the image database grew exponentially. After a successful exit, it was time for the next adventure. Now with the new company Kiliaro, Arian wants to give private individuals around the world the perfect home for their life memories.

What's your view on the cloud storage industry?
The problem with cloud services today is that they are often too expensive and complicated. We wanted to make it userfriendly for private individuals. This in itself has led to the offer of unlimited space in the cloud for only $2 a month, which is a pricing strategy we are alone with in the world.

What problems do you see with today's social media?
We constantly move between different places, everything from dinners and holidays to events and more.Although we snap a lot of photos, we do not have the energy to share them with all those relevant contacts. Instead, our social medias are flooded with photos that have nothing to do with us. One of the biggest problems in today's social media platforms is the redundant noise of irrelevant content.

How is Kiliaro's social platform different?
Kiliaro is an app that focuses on private photo sharing. We simplify the procedure and allow you to communicate visually to people with whom you have a real connection with in real life. This gives you access to a relevant and meaningful photo feed that actually reflects the memories of your life.

Why did you want to take the company to the stock exchange?
We are a consumer service that everyone needs to have on their mobile phones. We now see how most of those who own the Kiliaro share spread a good reputation about us and act as ambassadors.
Personally, I look at Kiliaro long-term and I'm passionate about building a service that millions use. Therefore, I feel that the listing was a natural step.

What is Kiliaro´s main success factor?
The success is because Kiliaro delivers a solution the world lacks and needs. In a time where mobile photography has completely taken over we are spot on with a social platform for your private memories.