Education in Mexico

Mexico’s growing skilled work force is expected to play a larger roll, as companies expand their manufacturing in Mexico.

<p> Mexico continues to develop a growing population of educated individuals ready to put their engineering skills to the test. The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development has reported 50 percent of the citizenry in Mexico is currently enrolled in some type of educational program. Some 90,000 people are graduating from the country’s universities annually with the title of engineer, outpacing the United States. This includes involvement in many trade and technical schools. The average age of engineers in Mexico is 29. </p>

<p> In terms of supplying North America with sophisticated products, Mexico is in a position to become a global leader. With transportation costs and labor inflation in Asia on the rise, manufacturing in Mexico makes perfect sense. And through Mexico’s many free trade agreements with countries around the world, such as NAFTA, raw materials and finished goods mostly travel to and from the country duty and tax-free. </p>

<p> Companies such as Whirlpool, Nissan, Audi, GKN Aerospace, Honda, Mazda and many others are planning not only to expand their manufacturing in Mexico but will also include some amount of design and application engineering.  No longer is Mexico being viewed as a country with only un-skilled, low-cost labor. Despite the trend towards better education in Mexico, however, there still remains a large pool of unskilled and semi-skilled workers, which will help Mexico manufacturing remain competitive and keep wage inflation under control. </p>

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