Guanajuato: The Forefront of Auto Manufacturing in Mexico

NAPS is now in a prime location to closely assist companies interested in manufacturing in Mexico,  including the interior part of the country. 

North American Production Sharing (NAPS) inaugurated its administrative office this July at the Castro del Rio Industrial Park. By bringing its services to the Bajio region, NAPS is now in a prime location to closely assist companies setting up manufacturing in the interior of the country. The Bajio industrial corridor runs from San Luis Potosi south to Queretaro and also includes: Aguascalientes, Silao, Leon, Irapuato, Salamanca and Celaya.

Castro del Rio Techno-Industrial Park is located in Irapuato, Guanajuato. As stated in Mexico’s publication CNN Expansión, the Castro del Rio Park has become a 'mecca' of auto manufacturing in Mexico. This area has become a hub for auto suppliers thanks to the investments made by carmakers Nissan, Mazda and Volkswagen, among others.

Jose Luis Valls, director of Nissan Mexico was quoted in the July 9 CNN Expansión article as saying that the concentration of several automotive manufacturers in one area has reduced the cost of importing auto-parts for foreign based OEMs manufacturing in Mexico.

Automotive manufacturers are including more Mexican auto parts in their units. An example is the Volkswagen Beetle produced in Puebla whose components include 60% of auto parts manufactured in Mexico. General Motors purchased $11 billion worth of auto parts in Mexico and Ford acquired $8 billion worth of local parts. Ford has plans to purchase $10 billion worth of parts in Mexico by 2015.

Mexico’s automotive industry is a bright spot for the economy. Automotive companies exported more than 2 million cars (about 86% of total production) in 2011, which represents close to a quarter of all exports for the country.

NAPS is a leading shelter company in Mexico, providing administrative support to companies based in the U.S.A., Canada, Japan and Europe. Among the sectors that NAPS supports is the auto manufacturing industry. With a state-of-the-art office in Castro del Rio’s Industrial Park, NAPS is in a position to ensure the success of companies entering the Mexico market. Recognizing that Japan is investing heavily in the Bajio region, NAPS has assembled a first-rate team that includes a Japanese employee with extensive experience in the maquiladora industry.

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NAPS is a premier shelter company in Mexico providing start-up and ongoing administration for companies manufacturing in Mexico.  NAPS facilitates the relocation and expansion of labor intensive processes mainly along the border region of Mexico.  Since 1991, NAPS has played a key role in ensuring the success of 70 Mexico manufacturing operations including:  Esterline, Intuitive Surgical, JAE, Monster Cable, Parker Hannifin, Speck Products, Toyota & Qualcomm.  For more info about NAPS and the shelter services in Mexico we offer please visit