Trannel passively accepts Norwegian customers

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Trannel International Ltd (Trannel), will continue to passively accept customers residing in Norway. Trannel maintains its position that it is fully legal for Norwegian residents to access and use gambling services licensed in the EU/EEA area, something which was also stated by the Norwegian Minister of Culture in a letter to the Parliament in 2021.    

Kindred Group plc (Kindred), through its wholly owned Maltese subsidiary Trannel, has taken note of the Norwegian Gambling Authority’s (NGA) press release sent out 7 October. Kindred disagrees with the NGA’s statement and wishes to clarify that the Group maintains its legal position provided for in the ongoing appeal of the order referred to in the press release. Kindred will continue to passively accept customers residing in Norway.

Kindred strongly believes that a locally licensed gambling market where responsible operators can operate under the supervision of competent authorities is the best solution for local societies, for players, and for operators. Similar to what Kindred previously did in the Netherlands, Kindred has, as a sign of good faith, pro-actively decided to make changes to its international offer. Kindred are doing these changes as the company seek a constructive and transparent dialogue with Norwegian authorities and Norwegian policy stakeholders. 

Kindred has over the years filed several applications for local licenses in Norway. Kindred would be ready to, similar to Sweden and Denmark, work within a Norwegian licensing system compliant with EU/EEA law. Kindred believes that licenses must be awarded in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner.

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Maria Angell Dupont, External Communications Manager, Kindred Group
+46 72 165 15 17

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