Criterium-Tauscher Cronacher Engineers Assess the Clean Up for Hurricane Sandy

What Residential and Commercial Property Owners Should Anticipate in Order to Protect Their Assets

Long Island based Professional Engineers at Criterium-Tauscher Cronacher assess the clean up for Hurricane Sandy. The 55 year old company will have its work cut out for it after being both impacted by the storm and having a slew of residents in Long Island, New Jersey and the New York Metro area dealing with the aftermath. C.O.O. of both Criterium Engineers and Criterium-Tauscher Cronacher Richard Koller says the devastation is still a shock but cautions commercial and residential property owners to consistently document damage as much as possible.

“We have been called to inspect structures on the South Shore for damage due to storm surge and flooding. Our NY and NJ offices have been struggling to get back online quickly, like everyone else, to assist the communities, municipalities, and insurance companies in expediting progress,” Koller reports.

The Tauscher-Cronacher team was forced to relocate due to a lack of electricity in order to continue to manage day to day operations. Due to the firm’s experience, however, the New York office operations remained fairly seamless due to a back up system outside of the North East region to account for such unanticipated events such as Hurricane Sandy. The entire Criterium team has been a beacon of engineering advice for many past events, including most recently Hurricanes Irene and Katrina.

“It is critical to document the damage whenever possible in as much detail as possible,” Koller states. “When it comes to insurance companies and FEMA, more is more. Additionally, while it is understandable to want to begin rebuilding immediately, the process should be done without haste. Consulting with registered, credentialed professionals may be a consideration to qualify the extent of repair needed and its cost. As a result of the demand for repair, a homeowner must also maintain a higher level of due diligence in these times of disarray. The best an owner can do is document what they had before and after damage, to the detail.”

The Criterium-Tauscher Cronacher team has already been involved in a few FEMA calls for clients and colleagues. For the hardest hit areas such as Long Beach and the Rockaways environmental approval through FEMA will often be required before residents can move back in and begin rebuilding. This is due to chemical and sewage contaminants. Tauscher Cronacher local efforts remain supported by Criterium Engineers which have a nation wide network of credentialed specialists outside of the Tri State area standing by ready to assist as rebuilding continues to progress.



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FEMA requires damage documentation
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Document all damage in detail for insurance companies
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Rebuilding should be done without haste for safety reasons
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