Klaria submits cannabinoid formulation patent application following significant progress

Klaria announces the completion and filing of a patent application for a unique cannabinoid formulation. It is designed to deliver a specified dose to the bloodstream in a rapid, simple and reproducible manner via the company’s stamp-sized oral mucosal films. Klaria sees significant potential in a number of areas. 

Initially, Klaria is focusing on developing a pharmaceutical pain relief treatment, an application area where the company’s cannabinoid formulation offers great advantages compared to the treatments available on the market today. 

Klaria has made significant progress within cannabinoid development in a short time, and the company expects to create significant value that can be realized through out-licensing.  Klaria also sees a significant market opportunity in securing intellectual property protection in an area where the formulation and drug delivery aspect ofproduct development has been neglected by a number of other companies.

“Our cannabinoid formulation has potential to solve several important challenges in the area of pain relief treatments. Cannabinoids have been proven to provide a promising middle path between non-prescription treatments such as ibuprofen, etc. and much more potent but addictive opioids. However, the effect from oral cannabinoid-containing preparations may take up to over an hour to appear. Uptake via the gastro-intestinal tract is also prone to vary greatly between individuals. Our formulation is designed so that the dose reaches the bloodstream much faster, while the patient receives the same dose every time,” says Klaria’s CEO Dr. Scott Boyer.

The patent application for Klaria’s unique cannabinoid formulation was filed in the UK under application number GB1807942.6, and it constitutes the foundation of the company’s global patent strategy within cannabinoid-based applications. 

The market for cannabinoids
Cannabinoids are being developed by several companies to be used in both prescription and non-prescription application areas. The global market for cannabinoid-based products is estimated by Klaria to be worth over 10 billion USD, and it is growing rapidly. 

Two promising pharmaceutical applications are pain relief and epilepsy. Within pain relief, cannabinoids have great potential as a middle path between non-prescription substances and opioid treatments. This application has great medical potential, as opioid addiction has created a severe epidemic in the USA and other countries. One major challenge for current cannabinoid treatments is to deliver the right dose, while smoking cannabis is not viewed as a viable alternative. Klaria’s patented technology can create a unique solution – a fast-acting and smoke-free treatment that delivers the same dose every time.

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This is Klaria Pharma Holding AB

Klaria (Klaria Pharma Holding AB) is a Swedish listed pharmaceutical company that develops innovative, rapid-acting products. By combining patented technology of a film that attaches to the oral mucosa and well proven pharmaceuticals, the company has developed a drug distribution concept with many benefits and potential uses. Klaria is listed on Nasdaq First North under the short name KLAR. FNCA Sweden is Certified Advisor (info@fnca.se, +46(0) 8-528 00 399) for Klaria Pharma Holding AB. For more information, see www.klaria.com.


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