Kleresca® announces strategic partnership with Laser Clinics Australia

Laser Clinics Australia, Australia’s largest retail aesthetics clinics chain and Kleresca®, an innovative Danish/Irish med-tech company focusing on fluorescent light energy (FLE) in skin treatments have formed a strategic partnership whereby the Kleresca® FLE technology will be made available to the LCA customer base in Australia.

The partnership makes gentle treatments that stimulate the skin’s own repair mechanisms available to patients with both therapeutic and aesthetic needs in more than 100 clinics across Australia covering all states and territories. With launch in New Zealand planned for later this year.

With locations in highly accessible areas, the Laser Clinics Australia chain has a broad reach and provides consumers with a range of services; including laser hair removal, skin and cosmetic injectable treatments. Recently LCA has expanded its skin services with the addition of the Kleresca® platform.  Kleresca® Acne Treatment, Kleresca® Rosacea Treatment and Kleresca® Skin Rejuvenation will be added to the existing product portfolio.

Flagship technology

A significant segment of the Laser Clinics Australia customer base consists of young people to which the Kleresca® Acne Treatment is particularly relevant.

“We have tested the FLE technology from Kleresca® in a number of early release clinics with very satisfactory results. Both clinicians and patients are excited by this innovative technology. Moving forward Kleresca® Acne Treatment will become our flagship acne treatment in our clinics”, says Anthea Muir, CEO of Laser Clinics Australia.

Competitive lead

The Kleresca® FLE technology has been clinically tested to trigger beneficial responses in the skin thereby reducing inflammation, increasing the build-up of collagen and normalizing cellular activity with high safety and efficacy. The technology is unique in dermatology and gives LCA a prominent competitive edge being the only clinic chain to provide this treatment to consumers increasing its accessibility.

“Kleresca® FLE technology strengthens the Laser Clinics Australia portfolio and will contribute to the continued growth of our business by giving us a competitive lead”, says Anthea Muir, CEO of Laser Clinics Australia.

A gamechanger

Representing a significant increase in top line results for Kleresca®, the partnership is a gamechanger that strengthens the company’s corporate muscle to pursue an enhanced focus on strategic partnerships in other markets going forward. 

 “We are thrilled that more people will now have access to our treatments through our partnership with Laser Clinics Australia. For Kleresca®, this partnership allows for a shortcut to critical mass which will take the company to the next level in its growth phase”, says Mikkel Schoedt, General Manager of Kleresca®.

Kleresca® will continue serving its existing customer base in Australia, whilst Laser Clinics Australia and Laser Clinics New Zealand will be Kleresca®’s only national chain partner in these markets.

Nadia Vega Vasiljev
Global PR and Communication

At Kleresca, we aspire to change the fundamentals of dermatology. Our innovative biophotonic technology represents a unique mode of action that allows us to create a new gold standard within the industry for the benefit of patients worldwide. The Kleresca biophotonic platform offers non-invasive treatments for both therapeutic and aesthetic conditions using fluorescent light energy (FLE) to stimulate the skin’s own biological processes and repair mechanisms through photobiomodulation (PBM). Demonstrating high safety and efficacy, our technology triggers documented skin repairing benefits for a number of diseases and conditions. The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and builds on the scientific heritage from LEO Pharma and KLOX Technologies. Kleresca is currently developing ten (10) markets including Australia, Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and UK. Kleresca is also registered as FB Dermatology.


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Klox Technologies Inc. is a private biomedical technology innovator, advancing the development and commercialization of its flagship fluorescent light energy generating technology within regenerative medicine. Klox has developed franchises in wound care, dermatology, animal health and oral health.





Kleresca® FLE technology strengthens the Laser Clinics Australia portfolio and will contribute to the continued growth of our business by giving us a competitive lead
Anthea Muir, CEO of Laser Clinics Australia