Preliminary Accounts Report 2000

Preliminary Accounts Report 2000 · Profit before taxes amounted to SEK 81M (102), including items affecting comparability of SEK +10M net (0) · Profit per share was SEK 11.63 (14.16) · Sales increased by 25 per cent to SEK 1,254M (1,001) · Order intake rose by 29 per cent to 1,296M (1,001) · Dividend is proposed to be SEK 3.50 (4.25) per share · Acquisition of Lidköping Machine Tools, LMT, strengthens Product Area Precision Grinding · Forecast for 2001: Profit before taxes will improve slightly compared with 2000, cleared of items affecting comparability (71) KMT's operations KMT is an international Group which develops, manufactures and markets advanced production machines and system solutions within the Product Areas of Tube Forming, Sheet Metal Working and Precision Grinding for engineering industry customers who demand the highest standards of precision and performance. Summary of the year Following five years of uninterrupted profit growth, profit fell by 20 per cent to SEK 81M (102) including one-off items of SEK +10M net. Unexpected costs and a receding US market within Sheet Metal Working are the main reasons. The past year was characterized by reshaping the business where new products and systems were launched within all product areas. Sheet Metal Working launched a new modular product range which was received very positively in the market and a number of important orders were signed. The adaptation to production of the new modular products did not go according to plan. Major, cost-intensive activities had to be carried out to enable customer commitments to be fulfilled. During the year, restructuring costs amounted to SEK 15M in total. At year-end 2000, deliveries were at their normal rate. Further work on routines and processes remains to be done before the module concept will make a full contribution to reduced manufacturing costs. Skellefteå, 13 February 2001 Björn Kumlin President and CEO Information For further information, please contact Björn Kumlin, President of Karolin Machine Tool AB, telephone +46 910-71 10 30 or +46 70 587 26 60. E-mail: Future information Interim Report January- 25 April 2001 March Interim Report January-June 15 August 2001 Interim Report January 15 November September 2001 Preliminary Accounts Report February 2002 2001 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: The full Year-End Report The full Year-End Report