Kongsberg Automotive - Updated Investor Presentation

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Kongsberg Automotive ASA has in connection with the announced Extraordinary General Meeting to be held 30 April 2020 for inter alia approval of proposals for an increase of the share capital by directed placement, a convertible loan and a subsequent “repair” emission of shares prepared an Investor Presentation. The presentation was updated 23 April 2020 and follows attached.


KA Investor Relations



Kongsberg Automotive provides world class products to the global vehicle industry. Our products enhance the driving experience, making it safer, more comfortable and sustainable. With revenues of approx. EUR 1.1 billion and approximately 11.000 employees in 19 countries, Kongsberg Automotive is truly a global supplier. The company is headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland and has more than 25 production facilities worldwide. The product portfolio includes seat comfort systems, driver and motion control systems, fluid assemblies, and industrial driver interface products developed for global vehicle manufacturers. Find more information at www.kongsbergautomotive.com