Economic Tendency Survey, September 2011

The Economic Tendency Indicator fell fully three points in September and has thus declined around 15 points over the past four months. It is currently below the average, indicating weaker than normal growth in the Swedish economy at present.

Business: Business sector employment growth expected to stagnate

The confidence indicator for the business sector fell four points in September and has declined a total of around 25 points over the past seven months. The retail trade and the private service sector contributed to the decline this month.The indicator is currently below the historic average for the first time since December 2009.

Consumer: Increasing household concern about unemployment

Households are pessimistic about the economic situation in September. The Consumer Confidence Indicator (CCI), which measures confidence in personal finances and the Swedish economy, fell a full 10 points to -5.8 this month. Confidence in both personal finances and the Swedish economy is more negative. The Macro Index fell 22.2 points to -25.2 and the Micro Index fell 3.2 points to 0.2.

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