Fall comes in a shade of blue

This fall Kosta Boda is exotic and a quirky. In shades of blue, purple and green we take on this fall filled with energy and a zest for life.

With expressive and personal colors and shapes we want to be an extension of you and who you are. We give you playful and eccentric items in a true Kosta Boda spirit and we do it with a curious touch. 

Hat Parade

Design by Kjell Engman

Yet again, Kjell Engman has managed to create beautiful glass sculptures with a lively story to enhance our homes.

With his hat parade, which consists of the models Derby, Shell and Bell, Kjell takes us on a journey to the traditional English horse races, where you are invited to marvel at amazing hat models amongst royalty and nobility.

The Derby, the Shell and the Bell are of course hand painted in a characteristic Kjell-manner using his favorite colors. 


Design by Anna Ehrner

The series cup cake consists of two bowls in different sizes and a votive, or a miniature bowl if you like. With its grooved edges the bowl plays with the classic shape of a cup cake. Let your imagination run wild in thinking of what to fill it with and decorate your home.

The series comes in three autumn colors, dark turquoise, deep purple and classic blue. Which one will be your favorite?

Make up your kitchen

Design by Åsa Jungnelius

Åsa Jungnelius is the queen of glitter and glamour and this season she gives our every day lives some shimmer with her series Make Up Your Kitchen. These glasses are just as suitable for lemonade and cinnamon buns as when you want to spruce up your regular, ordinary, wonderful Tuesday night dinner.

The glasses are machine washable; of course, because that’s the kind of luxury we want to treat ourselves to every day.

Make Up

Design by Åsa Jungnelius

Åsa Jungnelius continues to vary her collection of lipsticks, nail polish and hotlips. The color this fall is a trick on the eye and our perception. Purple, blue or green depending on the light and the angle you hold the product in makes the color Amethyst something really special.

The series is extended with a new female attribute his fall, the shoe! And not just any shoes but the high heeled stiletto and the fashionable wedge heel.

Make Up Shoe is presented in three different models and colors, one of which is the seasonal color of Make Up, Amethyst.


Design by Anna Ehrner

The award winning bowl Basket has taken the world by storm with its playful charm, innovative design and sharp colors.

This fall the Basket family is extended with two new colors, a superhero blue and classic red.

Many homes have blue or red as their accent color, what could be a better “dot over the “i” in the décor than our future icon product Basket?

Open Minds Champagne glasses

Design by Ulrica Hydman-Vallien

The classic Open Minds series is extended with a new line of collectible champagne glasses this season. Ulrica´s characteristic Open Minds-face adorns the leg of the glass with a well-balanced champagne flute as the icing of the cake.

By Me

Design by Martti Rytkönen

We follow up on this springs news By Me with new colors this fall. Smokey Grey, Deep purple and color of the year Emerald Green are adorning the popular footed bowls.

This fall we fill them with walnuts, fudge or perhaps a candle? Just like last season the choice is yours and the possibilities are endless.

Skull orange

Design by Ludvig Löfgren

By now, many are familiar with Ludvig Löfgren’s characteristic Skull for Kosta Boda available in clear, red, green and purple. This year it is being released in a limited edition, sold only during 2013, in a pumpkin orange nuance with obvious associations to Halloween.

Art Glass


Design by Kjell Engman

This fall no less than nine new limited art glass pieces by Kjell Engman are being introduced. Maidenhood is the colorful, curvy and strong woman, a devil with sweet angel wings that comes in three different colors, yellow, blue and red.

Check Man

Design by Kjell Engman

The broad-shouldered man has become one of Kjell’s hallmarks and this year three new gentlemen in speckled suits see the light. They have got the attributes of devil horns and angel wings to enhance the mystery. 

Check man is available in red, blue and turquoise.


Design by Kjell Engman

The last couple of years angels have become a more pervasive part of Kjell Engman’s art and they are often seen in his exhibitions.

In a limited edition we present Angels, a graceful and beautiful angel in painted clear glass with frosted wings and a stand of iron where it can hang safe and rested.

Angels is available in a blue/turquoise color combination, a red/blue combination and in a clear version. All of them with frosted white wings.

Blue Moon

Design by Bertil Vallien

In his sculpture Blue Moon Bertil has captured a part of cosmos, safely watching over man. All in classic Bertil-blue and gold.  

Blue Planet

Design by Bertil Vallien

Like a spear, or a half a boat for that matter, the Blue Planet rises. Filled with some of the attributes we so strongly connect to Bertil Vallien.

Here we find the red man, the planet with its twisted threads and the ladder taking us further, upwards, forwards. 

Brainstorm Play

Design by Bertil Vallien

The Brainstorm art glass by Bertil Vallien found its audience of devoted collectors. This year Brainstorm Play is given a lighter expression with a soft grey/silver frame and a light backdrop. Bertil is mixing frosted Brains with clear Brains, glowing orange Brains with traditional blue or black Brains.

Playing with contrast and surrealism as always, Bertil.

Super Egg

Design by Bertil Vallien

With his Super Egg in two color variations Bertil takes a new approach on his design while flirting with the past, both color and shape wise. With its natural shape and soft colors the Super Egg is bound to be a favorite with many. The Super Egg is available in a clear version and a frosted version. 

Jenny Sundqvist, Chef Produktutveckling & Marknad.

Tel: 46 478 346 19

E-post: jenny.sundqvist@orrefors.se

Orrefors Kosta Boda AB is a design company in the Swedish province of Småland that designs and makes high-quality utility glassware and art glass. We develop, produce and sell a wide range of utility and art glass for private and public use under the brands Orrefors and Kosta Boda. We are the largest glassworks group in the Nordic countries with a history dating all the way back to 1742.

The glasswork in Kosta constitute the heart of our business. A genuine glasswork environment close to the craftsmanship and the designers. In Kosta we also run extensive tourism and events operations that attract more than one million visitors each year.

Since 2005, Orrefors Kosta Boda AB has been part of New Wave Group, which works with several brands in the consumer and corporate market in the areas of sport, leisure, furnishings and gifts. New Wave Group is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm exchange.