Kyro group's tamglass develops a portal for the global glass industry

KYRO GROUP'S TAMGLASS DEVELOPS A PORTAL FOR THE GLOBAL GLASS INDUSTRY Tamglass Ltd. a member of Kyro Corporation and the market and technology leader in the manufacturing of safety glass production lines, is establishing a new service-oriented Internet portal for glass industry. This portal aims to be the largest and most international portal of its kind, functioning as an online forum for information exchange, discussion and training. Tamglass is also evaluating the possibilities and interest of the glass industry to use the portal for commercial applications. The new portal will serve glass manufacturers and processors, suppliers of glass production lines and machinery, glazing companies, architects, automotive engineers, glass researchers and consumers. The first stage of the portal will be operating in February 2001. In order to create a content for the portal Tamglass will be in a close co-operation with its network partners: press and other media, industry organizations, research institutes and companies and is also welcoming new partners to join the portal. "Online services and electronic commerce are just beginning to penetrate the capital goods market. We aim to develop a neutral and free-of-charge forum for the whole glass industry bringing together leading industry experts. We also believe that this portal will enhance the safety glass awerness and develope both glass fabrication and glass processing machinery business," says Pentti Yliheljo, CEO of Tamglass. Tamglass is actively involved in the promotion and development of the glass industry. Eight years ago Tamglass arranged the first Glass Processing Days, a biannual conference for the glass industry. The companies, research institutes and media that have attended this conference will also play a key role in developing the portal. Tamglass designs and manufactures machinery and production lines for tempered and laminated safety glass for architectural, automotive, appliance and furniture industries. The company's safety glass products are tempered or laminated glass. Tamglass employs approximately 400 persons and has delivered close to 1,300 safety glass production lines to over 70 countries during its 30 years of operation. KYRO CORPORATION Pentti Yliheljo CEO For more information: Mika Nevalainen , Communications Manager, Kyro Oyj Abp, Tel. +358 400 882 024 Mauri Leponen, Director, Architectural Glass Industry Tamglass Ltd. Oy, Tel. +358 400 830 705 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: