KYRO GROUP'S TAMGLASS RECEIVES ORDERS FOR OVER FIM 70 MILLION Tamglass Ltd, a member of Kyro Corporation and the market and technology leader in the manufacturing of safety glass production lines, has agreed new machinery orders for FIM 71 million (12 MEUR). The agreements were signed at Glasstec 2000 in Dusseldorf. Glasstec is the largest and most important trade fair for glass industry. The deliveries will take place in the year 2001 and they go to Tamglass´ major market areas: North and South America, the Middle East and Europe. The orders comprise production lines for architectural and automotive glass. Prior to the trade fair, Tamglass has already received a record number of orders for 2000. The company´s annual turnover is expected to increase by over 20 per cent and the operating result improve significantly compared to the last year. In Dusseldorf, Tamglass introduced a new HTBS ProE bending and tempering line for bending of large architectural and automotive glass and presented the world´s biggest flat glass tempering furnace, which is able to temper the biggest glass sizes in the market. During the trade show Tamglass also launched its international portal project for glass industries. Tamglass is developing for the web an online discussion, information and training forum for industry professionals, which will have a positive impact to the company´s business. It will be a part of Tamglass´ Glass Processing Days -conference and it aims to enhance the safety glass awerness and develope both glass fabrication and glass processing machinery business. Tamglass designs and manufactures machinery and production lines for tempered and laminated safety glass for architectural, automotive, appliance and furniture industries. Tamglass employs approximately 400 persons and has delivered close to 1,300 safety glass production lines to over 70 countries during its 30 years of operation. KYRO CORPORATION Pentti Yliheljo CEO For more information: Pentti Yliheljo, CEO +358-3-372 3101 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: