FINN CRISP snacks named Grocery of the Year

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The winner of Grocery of the Year 2022 is FINN CRISP Snacks Creamy Ranch from Lantmännen Cerealia for a successful launch and product development as well as how the product drives growth in its entire category. "It feels rewarding to fuel the whole grain intake of Swedish consumers through their snacking our tasty product", says Helena Fridström, Lantmännen Cerealia.

The Grocery of the Year award, presented for the sixteenth year in a row, is awarded to FINN CRISP snacks – Creamy Ranch – from Lantmännen Cerealia. The prize is awarded by the industry organization Svensk Dagligvaruhandel and aims to draw attention to successful launches and at the same time inspire the industry's players to further innovation and product development.

"When a well-known crispbread seamlessly transfers between the settings of cosy Fridays nights, festive occasions or on the go as a snack, there is success at hand.  Sales data shows that flavored crisp bread snacks made from rye and with less fat were something consumers were waiting for”, says Karin Brynell, CEO of Svensk Dagligvaruhandel, the organization behind the award.

In addition to the prestige which comes with the award, retailers will give the winning product extensive exposure in their own channels. In addition, the winner will receive SEK 400,000 to use at partner NielsenIQ.

"We are incredibly pleased that Lantmännen Cerealia's product FINN CRISP Snacks has been named Grocery of the Year. We are proud that we have contributed to the development of a new segment and would like to extend a big thank you to our customers for a good collaboration and to the team at Lantmännen Cerealia who have carried out a fantastic launch”, says Helena Fridström, Marketing & Portfolio Director Pasta & Crisp, Lantmännen Cerealia.

“In addition, it feels rewarding to fuel the whole grain intake of Swedish consumers through their snacking our tasty product", Helena continues.

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