No more long queues for the toilets

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Lapee, the female urinal, has just arrived in Australia!!

Women can finally skip the endless queues for the traditional toilets at large outdoor events by using Lapee, the first female urinal. 

Lapee is designed and produced in Denmark, Europe, where it had its premiere at festivals and sport events in the summer 2019.

And wow – what a success! Women just loved it. It is already present in many countries in Europe.

We at Lapee are so excited to now introduce the female urinal in Australia for the first time.

Lapee will be at Australian Open and at Rainbow Serpent Festival this summer among plenty of other events.

Now women are equally able to spend the time focusing on the music, the sports, the fun and party, their friends and community instead of spending their time waiting for toilets.

Equality and security

  • Lapee is designed to secure women a safe stay at large outdoor event such as festivals and sport events. 
  • Lapee fights for gender equality.
  • Lapee is a very durable product with a very long lifetime, made of recyclable materials and uses no water. Lapee is also conceived to be stackable, in order to save carbon emissions from transportation.

Our Australian partner Andy Tannahill, Composting Toilet Systems, composts waste from toilet and is planning on reusing the pee as fertilizer, an operation Lapee has already implemented in Toulouse, France.

Futher informations please contact Lapee: CEO Gina Périer
Phone +4593945154 / email

And our contact in Australia: Andy Tannahill, Composting Toilet Systems.
Phone 0417 053 377.

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Photos by: Olivia Rohde and Liv Wardlaw.



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