LeadDesk Plc covered by SEB corporate research

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LeadDesk Plc Press release 7th of September 2021, 9.10

SEB has started covering LeadDesk Plc in their corporate research.

Analysis provided by the analysts are an independent and independent opinions on the company. LeadDesk cannot influence the content of the analysis or reliability of the information presented in them. LeadDesk is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, or use of the information by anyone.

Contact information of the SEB analyst is available on the LeadDesk Investors page https://leaddesk.com/investors/.

SEB’s analysis is available through their portal at https://research.sebgroup.com/corporate/companies/2880/overview.


More information

Olli Nokso-Koivisto, CEO, LeadDesk Plc

+358 44 066 5765


LeadDesk in brief

LeadDesk is a fast growing and internationalizing software company, operating in the cloud-based software market in Europe. The company offers the LeadDesk cloud service for high volume sales and customer service and has grown to a leading cloud service vendor in sales and customer service in the Nordics. In 2020, the company’s revenue was €13.8 million. The share of license revenue from outside of Finland was 52%. LeadDesk’s shares are traded in the Nasdaq First North Finland market under the ticker LEADD. The company has offices in seven European countries. The LeadDesk cloud service is used by over 1000 customers across the world. www.leaddesk.com