LeadDesk to provide a Contact Center solution for SpareBank 1 Samspar in Norway

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LeadDesk Plc Press Release 13.1.2022 at 9.20 am

LeadDesk Plc Unofficial Translation of Press Release 13/1/2022 at 09.15 am. In case the document differs from the original, the Finnish version prevails.

SaaS contact center software vendor LeadDesk has signed an agreement to deliver a contact center solution for SpareBank 1 Samspar in Norway. The solution will integrate LeadDesk’s contact center software to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. All SpareBank 1 Samspar’s approximately 270 customer service agents will start using LeadDesk.

The overall value of the contract is approximately 1,000,000 EUR over a three-year period. The contract includes an option for extending the contract period.

“With this new and exciting agreement, we will strengthen our leading position in providing Contact Center Solutions to Norway’s demanding finance sector. Our LeadDesk enterprise sales team has been growing through the success“, LeadDesk’s Enterprise Sales Director, Norway, Silje Abrahamsen rejoices.

”We will provide a coherent package, where the tools needed in customer service are  integrated together tightly. Data is seamlessly transferred between LeadDesk and Microsoft Dynamics (CRM). The overall solution built around LeadDesk will help customer service agents work more efficiently and provide management with better visibility of key metrics,” LeadDesk’s VP of Enterprise Sales, Mika Matikainen clarifies.

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