LeDap Group acquires MejorSet – the leading Padel court manufacturer

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LeDap Group (“LeDap”) today announces the acquisition of MejorSet, a globally leading manufacturer of Padel Courts, and the official court supplier of the International Padel Federation.

The core of LeDap is focused on operating Padel centres. With the acquisition of MejorSet, LeDap further broadens its operations within Padel to also include court manufacturing and thereby become an active player in driving development and innovation of courts, as well as ensuring there is sufficient supply to support the growth of the sport.

Pontus Gustafsson, CEO of LeDap: “This is an important and highly strategic acquisition. By welcoming MejorSet to the family, we secure supply of top-quality courts for our global expansion plans. It further enables close collaboration between our Padel centres where passionate players enjoy the courts every day, and the R&D department of MejorSet to enable and accelerate the development of the future courts where we envisage to over time include for instance more digital features and sensors.”

While MejorSet will become an integrated part of the LeDap Group, the Company will commercially remain independent and will continue to serve both internal and external customers. LeDap and its group companies will also maintain its trusted relationship with other court manufacturers to maintain a balanced supplier base catered to the local needs in each market.

Antonio Salles Doña, Founder and co-CEO of MejorSet: “We are very excited to partner up with LeDap and become part of their ambitious plans to grow and develop the sport. We love the sport of Padel and as part of the largest Padel group in the world, we will have the resources and support to take MejorSet to the next level.” Ariel Robado García, Founder and co-CEO of MejorSet, added: “We are passionate about innovation and developing the next generation of courts. We look forward to close collaboration with LeDap and all its group companies to make that happen.”

The Founders of MejorSet will remain invested in the company as minority shareholders and will continue to drive the operations day-to-day.

Hernan “Bebe” Auguste, Chief Padel Officer at LeDap Group: “I have spent half of my life on the Padel courts, and I am very pleased that MejorSet has chosen to partner up with LeDap. For nearly two decades, they are well known for their innovation capabilities and high-quality courts that cater to both the best tournaments in the world, as well as to ensuring a great experience for players at any level.”

As the official court supplier of the International Padel Federation, MejorSet’s panoramic courts are currently being used at the ongoing World Padel Championships in Doha, Qatar.

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About LeDap

LeDap, established in 2021, is an international group of Padel companies, currently present in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Estonia, Austria and Spain. LeDap operates more than 90 centres with over 600 Padel courts and aims to become the world’s leading platform to drive the growth, innovation, digitalization, and professionalization of the sport of Padel. LeDap strives to make Padel available to all and will expand the Padel sport by providing infrastructure and inspiration for all types of Padel players, with a vision to actively contribute to making Padel an Olympic sport. LeDap is majority owned by the European Private Equity firm Triton.

About MejorSet

MejorSet, established in 2002, is a pioneer and globally leading manufacturer and installer of high-end Padel courts. Headquartered in Alicante, Spain, the Company is exclusively dedicated to the development, manufacturing, quality control, and maintenance of Padel courts with worldwide coverage. MejorSet also operates an in-house team of engineers for product development as well as specialized assemblers to ensure safe and reliable installations. MejorSet strives to provide the world’s most innovative, high-quality and safe Padel courts to support the growth of the sport.

With extensive experience in sports construction, the company specializes in metal structures and glassware. MejorSet offers a complete range of courts and was the first Padel court manufacturer to introduce courts without structural elements in the glass walls. These full panoramic courts allow an ideal view for televised matches and is the new standard in all major Padel events worldwide.The Company has extensive experience as a supplier to the World Padel Tour for several years and since 2021, MejorSet is the official court supplier of the International Padel Federation.

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