New share issue in TicketAnywhere: Swedish Telia Mobile and Ledstiernan invest in company for mobile electronic valuable

New share issue in TicketAnywhere: Swedish Telia Mobile and Ledstiernan invest in company for mobile electronic valuables Today Telia Mobile and Ledstiernan announced their investment of a total of 6,5 MSEK in the wireless company TicketAnywhere, a subsidiary of NetLight Consulting. TicketAnywhere develops a platform for the handling of mobile valuables, such as tickets, coupons and vouchers. This platform is a step toward the development of the mobile phone as an extension of the wallet. - We are pleased to have been able to secure investors that are our strategic match, their long term perspective and commitment to the field of mobile Internet is invaluable. To do this given the current frosty climate on the VC-market feels like something of a victory, says Patrik Wahlström, CEO TicketAnywhere. Ledstiernan have invested 4 MSEK for 12,9 per cent of the shares in TicketAnywhere. Telia Mobile have Ledstiernan have invested 2,5 MSEK, corresponding to an 8,1 per cent share in the company. The share issue is accompanied by options, that will give Ledstiernan a 32,2 per cent share after full dilution and Telia Mobile 19,4 per cent share respectively of the company. - TicketAnywhere fits very well with our investment focus, technology and infrastructure projects within wireless communications. The technology that TicketAnywhere represents can bring substantial savings to industries where the management and processing of tickets and other electronic valuables are an integral part of the business, for example within airline passenger services, says Jan Carlzon, Chairman of the Board, Ledstiernan and previously CEO of SAS. Value-adding distribution and redemption of valuables TicketAnywhere adds customer value by managing the electronic distribution and redemption of valuables such as tickets, coupons and vouchers. By making a booking or ticketing system accessible via the consumer's mobile phone, a direct, digital and more efficient channel is established between buyers and sellers. For further information, please contact: Patrik Wahlström, CEO TicketAnywhere Tel: +46-8-783 71 77 or +46-70-637 73 98 Johan Wachtmeister, CEO, Ledstiernan AB Tel: +46-8-545 035 00 or +46-70-878 41 20 Jan Snygg, Ledstiernan AB Tel: +46-8-545 035 20 or +46-70-536 53 40 Lars Klasson, Head of Telia Mobile New Business, Tel: +46-8-601 72 67. Anders Larsson, CEO Netlight Consulting AB Tel: +46-8- 616 99 40 or +46-733-814100 TicketAnywhere AB TicketAnywhere develops an innovative and technically advanced platform for the management of mobile electronic valuables, for example tickets (mTickets), vouchers (mVouchers) and coupons (mCoupons). TicketAnywhere creates customer value by managing the distribution and redemption of valuable documents digitally. The company was established in May 2000 as a subsidiary of NetLight Consulting, and currently numbers 10 employees. Ledstiernan AB. Ledstiernan is one of Europe's leading seed and venture capital companies, focusing on wireless communication and mobile Internet. Netlight Consulting AB NetLight Consulting is a leading mobile Internet consulting company. The company helps clients explore and exploit the opportunities presented by mobile technology and the emerging mobile economy by providing business consulting services as well as technical implementation and integration. In the course of the consulting, NetLight continuously develops new product concepts, and where possible these are spun off into separate companies. TicketAnywhere is NetLight's first spin-off. NetLight was founded in 1999 and currently numbers 50 people in Stockholm, Malmö and London. Clients include Ericsson, Nokia, Mobyson, mobilePosition and Castcom. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: