Lehto Group Plc: The Resolutions of Board of Directors in its first meeting

Lehto Group Plc

Stock Exchange Release

11 April 2018 at 16.00 EET

The Board of Directors decided to elect Martti Karppinen as the Chairman of Board of Directors of Lehto Group Plc for the period that shall continue until the end of the following annual general meeting.

The Board of Directors also decided to establish an Audit committee. Sakari Ahdekivi was elected as the Chairman and Päivi Timonen and Pertti Korhonen as the members of the committee.

The Board of Directors noted that its members are independent from both the company and its substantial shareholders.

In Oulu, 11 April 2018



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Lehto is the fast growing construction and real estate group. We operate in three service areas: Business Premises, Housing, and Social Care and Educational Premises. We are the innovator and pioneer of the construction sector. Our economically driven operating model makes construction more profitable, ensures the quality of construction and brings significant time and cost savings to the customer. We employ around 1,500 people. Our net sales for 2018 amounted to EUR 721,5 million.