Glow in the Dark reindeer mug or opportunity to change someone’s life for the better

– you decide this Christmas!

OK, what to buy Dad for Christmas... Santa-shaped golf club covers... mini electronic desk hoover... the red version of the green M&S jumper you gave him last year... or the Liberro Realis Electronic Cigarette Starter Pack, designed to change his life for the better forever?

If you are buying a festive gift for a friend or family member who dreams of ditching tobacco – introduce them to the world of e-smoking and get ready to receive the largest thank you card you have ever seen!

The e-smoking market is growing at a phenomenal rate as converts are celebrating the benefits of giving up health-threatening tar and chemicals, the right to ‘e-smoke’ wherever they want to and a healthier bank balance (bet you didn’t realise that e-smoking is around 80% cheaper than tobacco smoking!).  

E-cigarettes, e-cigars and e-pipes are quite simply electrical devices that simulate the ritual of tobacco smoking. The Liberro Realis Starter Pack (£35.00) from the UK’s premium quality e-smoking product supplier, Liberro, provides the perfect gift as it contains everything one needs to effortlessly banish tobacco from their lives at their fingertips. 

Suitable for light, moderate and heavy smokers alike, the Realis is the same size as a king-size tobacco cigarette, making it one of the smallest and most realistic electronic cigarettes available on the market today. This ingenious product looks, feels and performs like a traditional cigarette by delivering a rich fulfilling flavour-hit upon inhale and exhaling a smoke-free vapour that mimics its tobacco-based counterpart!

An extra delicious feature relished by e-smokers is the range of tantalising Liberro e-liquids – each available in a variety of nicotine strengths and multi-dimensional flavours ranging from French Pipe to Turkish Blend; Cafe Noir to Fruit Bomb; Brandy Snap to Sweet Cherry Blush and Maple Cured to Strawberry Sensation!

Seasonal celebrations often go hand in hand with cigars and Liberro present two perfect gift options for any cigar lover – offering a deeply satisfying e-smoking experience, the disposable Liberro Corona Grande e-cigar (£13.00), measures around six inches long and is filled  with rich and aromatic Cuban cigar flavoured e-liquid which is designed to last up to 1,000 fulfilling puffs! 

The Liberro Electronic E-cigar Starter Pack (£30.00) provides the ultimate partner for any cigar aficionado; the stylish matt black e-cigar delivers a deeply pleasing effortless draw and the required level of realistic vapour. It is precisely balanced to ‘feel’ the same as a large traditional cigar and its 3.7v rechargeable battery allows the user to sit back, relax and indulge in uninterrupted e-cigar pleasure!

Charging and filling the e-cigar is simple because the most challenging part of the process is deciding on which of the mouth-watering Liberro e-liquids suits your mood. Will your gift recipient fancy the combination of woody sweetness, tangy aniseed and hazelnut twist that the Knightsbridge mix brings, or perhaps they would prefer being transported to the Canadian mountains with the wholesome essence of Maple Cured?

The only thing missing from the traditional cigar experience is the potentially dangerous toxins and carcinogens that tobacco cigars bring to the festive party – so everyone will thank you as they no longer have to be engulfed in Uncle Arthur’s overwhelming cloud of odorous cigar smoke!

And pipe devotees will not feel left out when they unwrap their new Liberro Electronic E-pipe Starter Pack (£45.00)! The e-pipe is an intricately crafted instrument designed to look, feel and perform just like a traditional pipe. The beautiful mahogany bowl, gleaming smooth black mouthpiece and prestigious finish, together with the calculated design, weight and size of its curve, ensure that it sits comfortably in your hand. The design of the e-pipe, together with its particularly pleasing ‘throat hit’ with a vast vapour cloud, guarantees that this product is THE perfect festive partner for any pipe-lover!

Say No to Shocking Stocking fillers and Torturous Tree gifts!

It is no wonder that Santa and his elves leave buying Christmas stocking and tree gifts to us – a decent gift for under a fiver is harder to find than a four leaf clover, but Liberro have the answer for any smokers in your life who want a tobacco-free future!

Priced at £4.99, the Liberro Go is a one-piece disposable e-cig that lasts approximately the same time as smoking 20 traditional cigarettes! The same size as a king-size cigarette, it is easy and convenient to use and will give your gift receiver a taster of the wonderful world of e-smoking!

Liberro’s extensive range of e-smoking products, e-liquids and accessories can be viewed online at  If you have any questions about Liberro products, or e-smoking in general, then the team look forward to speaking to you anytime between 9am – 6pm on Monday – Saturday on freephone 0800 111 4753.

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For further information contact:

Julia Girling

Press Officer, Liberro

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Notes to editors

Liberro is a leading UK electronic cigarette company that sells disposable electronic cigarettes, cigars and pipe including e-liquids through the internet (

Electronic cigarettes are a healthier alternative to cigarettes and provide a satisfying nicotine hit, without tar or tobacco, carbon monoxide or additional chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. They can be smoked in the office, car, home or bar because they don’t give off harmful chemicals and they don’t smell like traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are around 70% cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes.