Have your cake and eat it when you celebrate local shop’s first birthday!!

You will be rewarded in more ways than one with Liberro!!!

E-smoking offers all the enjoyment of traditional smoking, but without the nasty chemicals, odours and unsociability attached to traditional tobacco. Buntingford’s aspiring entrepreneur, Emma Christou and staff at the Liberro e-smoking store welcomes everyone to join them in celebrating their first birthday this Friday and Saturday, when they will be rewarding each customer with a celebratory birthday cupcake! Yum!

Make a permanent switch from tobacco smoking to e-smoking and the long-term rewards are bountiful! 

“The perfect alternative to smoking, electronic cigarettes are around 70% cheaper than traditional cigarettes,” explains Liberro MD, Emma. “They are healthier too, as they contain no tar, tobacco or carbon monoxide, yet still deliver the craved nicotine hit.”

Electronic cigarettes produce a realistic satisfying smoke-like vapour, free of odour, ash and harmful chemical fumes, which means they can be enjoyed in all the places where smoking cannot, such as pubs, restaurants, cinemas and public transport!

Liberro was one of the first companies to introduce electronic cigarettes into the UK over four years ago with their online shop (www.liberro.co.uk) and now sell to thousands of delighted customers across the globe.

Sales have increased dramatically since Councillor Stan Bull, Mayor, opened the Buntingford store last February. People travel for miles to purchase from the UK’s leading electronic cigarette company’s collection of e-smoking products, which includes disposable one piece e-cigs, starter packs, e-cigars, e-pipes, and over 50 flavoured e-liquids!

Emma Christou says: “I am delighted that people from surrounding counties such as Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire visit our friendly shop to learn about our products and watch demonstrations. Locals particularly welcome our new ‘click and collect’ option on Liberro’s website.

“We are the county’s first e-smoking retail high street shop and my dream is now to open a second shop that will contain its own café. Customers will happily e-smoke their favourite e-cig, e-cigar or e-pipe with a delicious hot beverage and relax in the knowledge that they are not inflicting their lungs – or their neighbours’ – with the dangerous chemicals associated with tobacco.”

So, if you are interested in switching from tobacco smoking to e-smoking, take a trip to 59a High Street, Buntingford this week, and while you are tucking into your cupcake you might like to take note of a recent survey commissioned by Liberro, in which leading Clinical Psychologist, Dr Adam Orchard advised that rewarding yourself is one of the best ways of achieving positive change!

Another important factor to making a successful switch, according to Dr Orchard, is to take one small step at a time. He explained, “Smoking quitters who put pressure on themselves to go from twenty a day to zero are far less likely to succeed than those who take smaller, more achievable steps. One way to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco smoking and achieve your ‘quit smoking’ resolution is to begin by substituting just one traditional cigarette per day with a Liberro e-cigarette. This can gradually be increased over time until you have given up smoking tobacco cigarettes for good.

“Breaking down your goal into achievable steps is a much more effective approach to achieving real change in your life than attempting to make a drastic transformation.

“If you alter your life too dramatically, you will automatically struggle to adjust and immediately find yourself too far outside your comfort zone. Making a small adjustment then waiting until you have fully adapted and feel totally comfortable before making another is a much more effective strategy. It allows you to be accustomed to the new you at each stage of transition.”

Liberro’s Top Tips for making a positive change:

*             Reward yourself for your achievements every step of the way.

*             Make smaller changes rather than dramatic ones.

*             Enlist the support of your friends and family, even if it’s only online.

*             Announce your intentions and resolutions to others, it helps you stay accountable.

*             Visualise your success and a positive outcome; focus on the benefits that change will bring. It's a well-known principle that what you think about you will bring about. So resist the temptation to focus on what you are missing out on. This is why having a substitute is always a more effective way to give you something, as you can focus on that rather than what you have lost.

*             Set clear goals for yourself with a definite time frame.

*             Keep a diary and write down important information about if relapse occurs and what might have triggered it. By understanding the challenges you face, you will be better prepared to deal with them in the future.

“We will continue to work hard to encourage more people to switch to e-smoking and benefit from a healthier future, and bank balance,” concludes Emma, “and we hope that our store continues to bring new customers to Buntingford, which in turn will benefit our fellow local businesses.”

Note to editors:

Cupcakes will be presented to each customer at Liberro, 59a High Street, Buntingford on Friday 22nd February and Saturday 23rd February 2013.

For further information contact:

Julia Girling

Press Officer, Liberro

Tel: 07889 813334

Email:  julia@liberro.co.uk

Notes to editors

Liberro is a leading UK electronic cigarette company that sells disposable electronic cigarettes, starter packs, liquids and consumables through the internet (www.liberro.co.uk).

Electronic cigarettes are a healthier alternative to cigarettes and provide a satisfying nicotine hit, without tar or tobacco, carbon monoxide or additional chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. They can be smoked in the office, car, home or bar because they don’t give off harmful chemicals and they don’t smell like traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are around 70% cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes.