Liberro e-cigs revs up for sponsorship of local champion, Alex Roberts Racing

Newly featuring on the motor racing circuit this season is the Buntingford-based company, Liberro electronic cigarettes, with their sponsorship of local champion Alex Roberts racing in the BRSCC Mazda MX5 championships.  The pink Liberro logo cannot be missed on Alex’s blue Mazda as he races around the track!

Alex Roberts, the 20-year-old cousin of Harry Potter star Rupert Grint and fellow racer James Grint comment: “We are delighted that Liberro has chosen to sponsor the team. We are new to this championship and sponsorship is vital to help our progress; so far this season we have achieved 5th and 6th place and we plan to build our way to the top.”

Emma Christou, MD of Liberro comments: “It’s great having Alex Roberts Racing on board promoting the Liberro brand.  Alex has the same drive and enthusiasm for motorsport as we have for electronic cigarettes.  I think it is the perfect partnership and we are now getting coverage all over the UK at motor racing circuits and on the TV.  We hope this sponsorship will help to raise our profile further.

“Motor racing was once the domain of cigarettes, but now electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular and they are taking over these key sponsorship opportunities.  E-cigs are the healthier alternative and they are beginning to take centre stage – or should I say first place on the podium!”

“We wish Alex lots of luck and a season full of positive results.  We will be waving him on at each finishing line.”

For further information contact:

Julia Girling

Press Officer, Liberro

Tel: 07889 813334


Emma Christou

Managing Director

Tel: 0176 - 327 2774


Notes to editors

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