Think that Ditching Tobacco is a Pipe Dream? Think Again!

Liberro adds a new dimension to its premium e-smoking range

Our nation’s habits have changed – and the change is spreading like wildfire!  With sales rising by up to 30% a month, electronic cigarettes are predicted to be one of the fastest growing markets this decade will see!

There are an estimated 500,000 ‘vapers’ in the UK and trendsetters like Robbie Williams and Lilly Allen are fans of e-smoking too! Making the successful switch from tobacco to e-cigs has e-smoker’s families and friends rejoicing and their lungs and wallets seeing the benefits!

Sweeping the UK we have witnessed the rapid evolution of e-smoking social communities, the arrival of nationwide ‘vaping’ events and festivals, specialised high street retailers opening their doors... and even a TV channel dedicated to the pastime!  Many view e-smoking as the ‘miracle’ solution to a tobacco-free life, and it does appear that there really is ‘no smoke without fire’ about life-changing claims, with an estimated 95%* of converts professing to have given up health-threatening, air-polluting, mess-making tobacco for good!

“E-cigarettes are quite simply electrical devices that simulate the ritual of tobacco smoking,” explains Liberro’s spokesperson and e-cigarette safety standards pioneer, Simon Christou.  Liberro was the first UK e-cig company to receive quality accreditation ISO9001 and Simon co-founded the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association.  ECITA encourages e-cig suppliers and retailers to join forces to assure the government that their products are regulated under current legislation, thus ensuring that when you purchase from an ECITA member you are guaranteed the highest possible quality in terms of product, customer service and online security.

The Liberro E-cigarette range features the Liberro Realis, the smallest and most realistic electronic cigarette available to date, and the recently introduced Liberro Go – a disposable e-cig with the life equivalent of approximately 20 traditional cigarettes.

But Liberro are determined that the e-smoking revolution should not be limited to e-cigarette devotees alone and this month sees the introduction of a two very special new products – the Liberro e-pipe and the rechargeable electronic cigar.

The e-pipe is a beautifully made instrument that looks, feels and performs like a traditional pipe; with its stylish mahogany bowl, gleaming black mouthpiece and prestigious finish, it really is the perfect gift for all pipe-lovers. It comes with a bottle of its specifically created Holmes Blend e-liquid, which is made in the UK and guarantees to deliver a delicious robust woody tobacco ‘flavour to savour’.

Product testers of the e-pipe have welcomed its arrival with open arms and specifically refer to the high quality of the product and its particularly pleasing ‘throat hit’.  The rechargeable battery allows the user to enjoy a relaxing e-pipe evening in front of the TV, free of frequent battery changes or e-liquid cartridge top-ups.   

Conveniently, the cartomisers for the e-pipe can also be used in Liberro’s new rechargeable electronic cigar, which is being launched at the same time.  The ultimate gift for the cigar smoker, this good-looking, sleek matt black e-cigar provides an easy draw and plenty of vapour.  “We are particularly proud of this product and the early testers have commented on its deeply fulfilling effortless draw and perfect level of vapour,” comments Simon.  “It's as good to hold as an analogue cigar, the length of a large cigar and its 3.7v rechargeable battery allows the user to relax and indulge in uninterrupted e-cigar pleasure!”

Liberro’s extensive range of e-smoking product, e-liquids and accessories can be viewed online at .

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**  dependent on vaping style

For further information contact:

Julia Girling

Press Officer, Liberro

Tel: 07889 813334


Emma Christou

Managing Director, Liberro

Tel: 07794 6000064


Notes to editors

Liberro is a leading UK electronic cigarette company that sells disposable electronic cigarettes, rechargeable electronic cigarettes, electronic cigars and an electronic pipe .  They have over 65 e-liquids and and a variety of accessories that they sell through the internet ( and at their shop in Buntingford.

Electronic cigarettes are a healthier alternative to cigarettes and provide a satisfying nicotine hit, without tar or tobacco, carbon monoxide or additional chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. They can be smoked in the office, car, home or bar because they don’t give off harmful chemicals and they don’t smell like traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are around 70% cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes!