Trying to give up for National No Smoking Day?

You have the solution at your fingertips with Liberro e-cigarettes!

If you are one of the thousands of smokers who resolved to ditch tobacco on 1 January 2012 but have already succumbed to old habits - do not despair! Wednesday marks UK National No Smoking Day (14 March 2012) and top quality electronic cigarette producers, Liberro, are set to unveil a product that is guaranteed to help you say goodbye to tobacco forever!

Already offering one of the smallest, lightest and most realistic e-cigarettes currently available, the Liberro Realis Starter Pack just got even better - as it now includes a second battery which will ensure that you never find yourself without a fully-charged e-cig again!

The easy to use Liberro Realis Starter Pack has its own personal charging case which resembles a traditional cigarette packet, but is considerably more robust and durable. The pack cleverly charges your two batteries and holds your six pre-filled disposable tips (each one equating to between 10-15 cigarettes worth of e-smoke).  Pop the pack into your handbag or pocket and when you next fancy a relaxing e-cig, simply unscrew the battery, attach it to a tip, inhale and enjoy! 

As an added incentive to help you successfully make the switch, Liberro are including a FREE bottle of regular tobacco flavour or menthol flavour e-liquid (worth £16) from National No Smoking Day until 1 April 2012. 

Basically, an e-cigarette is an electrical device that simulates the ritual of tobacco smoking but without the negative side-effects. The first thing a user notices when trying out a Realis is the rich fulfilling flavour-hit you experience as soon as you inhale, and this comes with the reassurance that you are not inflicting any health-threatening tar, or chemicals, into your lungs. Secondly, you will be surprised to see how the Realis’ smoke-free vapour that you exhale mimics the smoke from a traditional cigarette - but without any offensive odour, or potentially harmful carbon monoxide release.

And while you celebrate the fact that you are giving your lungs a healthy break, you can give yourself a second pat on the back for not causing your wallet discomfort - an average 20 cigarettes a day smoker spends around £210 a month on cigarettes, in comparison to an average 20 e-cigarettes a day e-smoker* who will spend around £35** to £51 per month when they purchase the new Realis Starter Kit and a bottle of e-liquid.

The trend towards switching to e-cigarettes is increasing dramatically - in the USA reports show that up to four million Americans*** are now committed e-cigarette smokers, and in the UK our government’s Behavioural Insight Team made the following statement in their 2011 annual update:

‘Products that deliver nicotine quickly, in a fine vapour, instead of as harmful smoke, could prove an effective substitute for conventional smoking. If more alternative and safe nicotine products can be developed which are attractive enough to substitute people away from traditional cigarettes, they could have the potential to save tens of thousands of lives a year.’

There are currently over 100,000 deaths**** in the UK alone which are a result of smoking-related illnesses, so it is little wonder that ‘quitting smoking’ is regularly one of our most popular resolutions. According to Clinical Psychologist, Dr Orchard, the reason that most people fail is because they go about it the wrong way. “If you alter your life too dramatically you will automatically struggle to adjust and immediately find yourself too far outside your comfort zone,” he explains. 

“Making a small adjustment then waiting until you have fully adapted and feel totally comfortable before making another is a much more effective strategy. It allows you to be accustomed to the new you at each stage of transition. Smoking ‘quitters’ who put pressure on themselves to go from 20 a day to zero are far less likely to succeed than those who take smaller, more achievable steps.

“One way to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco smoking and achieve your ‘quit smoking’ resolution is to begin by substituting just one traditional cigarette per day with a Liberro e-cigarette. This can gradually be increased over time until you have given up smoking tobacco cigarettes for good,” Dr Orchard advises.

Emma Christou, Liberro MD, is delighted by the response that the new two-battery Realis Starter Pack has received in trials. “We are dedicated to offering smokers an excellent top quality range of healthier and enjoyable e-cig alternatives to tobacco consumption. Our new Realis Starter Pack and our extensive range of e-liquids, which come in a variety of flavours and nicotine levels, is another example of our commitment to arming the consumer with what they need to make a successful switch.

“Liberro has been established for four years, and we are certified and regulated by an independent body, ECITA, which gives our customers added peace of mind. Many of the new generation of e-cigarette products available today are not certified and certainly not of comparable quality to our outstanding products,” Christou explains.

“We are consistently praised for our excellent customer service and continue to be available with real people at the end of our help-lines from 9am to 5pm six days a week.”

So, a new note for your diary –                                                                                           

14 March 2012: my Switch from Tobacco to E-Smoke Day                                                              

-  your lungs will thank you for it!


*During promotional period

**E-smoking puff data available at



For further information contact:

Julia Girling

Press Officer, Liberro

Tel: 07889 813334


Emma Christou

Managing Director, Liberro

Tel: 07794 6000064


Notes to editors

Liberro is a leading UK electronic cigarette company that sells disposable electronic cigarettes, starter packs, liquids and consumables through the internet (

Electronic cigarettes are a healthier alternative to cigarettes and provide a satisfying nicotine hit, without tar or tobacco, carbon monoxide or additional chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. They can be smoked in the office, car, home or bar because they don’t give off harmful chemicals and they don’t smell like traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are around 80% cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes.


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