Vapers get set to take their e-smoking experience to the next dimension!

E-smoking is taking the world by storm!  In the first few years following 2006, when the first e-cigarettes arrived in the UK, market growth was estimated to be around 500%, settling over the last two years to a conservatively estimated 50% per year!*

Discovering e-cigarettes is one of the most life-changing experiences that can happen to a tobacco cigarette smoker, which is why e-smoking converts from around the globe are referring to them as ‘miracle’ products. 

Switching from tobacco smoking to e-smoking is straightforward but, as the 500,000 e-smokers in the UK have realised, the consequences are enormous.  E-smoking products guarantee a healthier, cheaper and more convenient alternative to their tobacco counterparts – and what’s more, if you switch to Liberro products, you will benefit from the ultimate customer service.

E-cigarettes, e-cigars and e-pipes are quite simply electrical devices that simulate the ritual of tobacco smoking by looking, feeling and performing like their tobacco counterparts and leading UK supplier, Liberro, are constantly creating new e-smoking products and accessories to enhance their consumers’ experience.

In response to feedback from established e-smokers, Liberro are about to reveal the latest addition to their premium range: the Johnson Creek VeaTM.

Whilst the Liberro Realis is the same size as a king-size tobacco cigarette, the Johnson Creek VeaTM is designed for men and women who prefer a larger e-cig and one that, depending on the length of your puff, is designed to last all day thanks to its extended long-life batteries.

Aesthetically pleasing, the Johnson Creek VeaTM is a stylish instrument which boasts a non-slip textured coating that is designed to deliver the perfect grip.  Taking into account every aspect of the user’s experience, the VeaTM’s advanced batteries are fully chargeable in just two hours and its ‘easy-off’ tips are equipped for stress-free refilling.

The VeaTM starter kit (£45.00) is complete with two batteries, one press-on tip, five high-capacity VeaTM tips, a USB charging cable and a comprehensive user guide.  Fully compatible with Liberro’s premium quality e-liquids and the range of taste tantalising Johnson Creek smoke juices, the VeaTM is able to deliver a portfolio of delicious flavour options, from Espresso to Chocolate Truffle, and Black Cherry to Strawberry Sensation!

Simon Christou, CEO of Liberro, comments: “We are delighted to be the only UK supplier and have the exclusive rights to sell the VeaTM and we boast the widest range of Johnson Creek e-liquids.  We absolutely love this new product – it is perfect for the dedicated e-smoker and we proudly refer to it as the Swiss Army knife of our e-cig collection because it provides the most feature-packed e-smoking device available on the market today!”


* Times newspaper, April 2012 

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Press Officer, Liberro

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Emma Christou

Notes to editors

Liberro is a leading UK electronic cigarette company that sells disposable electronic cigarettes, starter packs, liquids and consumables through the internet (

Electronic cigarettes are a healthier alternative to cigarettes and provide a satisfying nicotine hit, without tar or tobacco, carbon monoxide or additional chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. They can be smoked in the office, car, home or bar because they don’t give off harmful chemicals and they don’t smell like traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are around 80% cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes.