LightLab informs about early results from the collaboration with NTU

  • The research collaboration has been focused towards UV light
  • LightLab’s nano technology is used to enhance UV light extraction
  • Leads to potential for new business opportunities from year 2016

As initially announced in a press release December 8th 2014, LightLab is collaborating with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore to develop low-cost, energy-efficient lighting technology. This project has during 2015 been focused towards UV lighting, in line with LightLab´s general direction.

The collaboration has now given early results by a second joint patent application, this time for UV light extraction, a technique to enhance energy efficiency in UV light sources. In parallel the process technology has been developed and verified by LightLab in Uppsala, Sweden. When developing this technology LightLab has been able to build on the core technology for generating nano structures, which earlier has been developed for the company’s field emission cathode.

From a commercial point of view this light extraction technology opens up a new potential business opportunity for the Company, as it can be applied also on light sources which are manufactured using another core technology than LightLab’s own EEE Light® Technology. During the next months the efficiency of this light extraction technology will be investigated for other applications than UV light sources, e.g. solar cells. The Company today judges that the new technology can be ready for commercialization starting next year, 2016.

The ongoing research collaboration project with NTU is on track. From a technical point of view the target is to develop chip-scale light sources at a low cost per chip and with moderate investments in production equipment and facilities. From a business perspective the target is to give LightLab’s customers a completely new opportunity to develop innovative and cost efficient UV light based water and air purification products, within both existing and new market segments. The first chip-scale UV light sources from the project are expected during the first half of year 2016, with the target to be able to commercialize the results from the project, starting in year 2017.

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